The Only Exception (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Name : Emily Barker (4th Year)
2 Brothers : Liam Barker (6th Year) Randall Barker (1st Year)
Born in Sacramento, California.
Went to Salem Institute of Magic until THIS year.
America - Hogwarts Exchange Program
Parents - Phil (Father), Charolette (Mother)
Traits - Stunningly Gorgeous, Mischevious, Loyal, Sassy, Independant

I know I stole the begining from Darcey's Song. But I couldn't think of any better way to start. :)


Chapter 1

The End And Begining Of Emily Barker

by: ILovePuck
Must. Keep. Running. I kept telling myself that this will all be over soon. I will either live, or die trying, but it's not just me dying. I have two people to look out for, two people to live for. As I ran down the ancient hallway, my feet left a trail of bloody footprints behind me. The stone floor was probably full of infections, but I don't care. As long as I make it to the exit, which should be just around this corner. It was very musky, I couldn't see 5 feet infront of me. I was close now. Just.....around....this....corner...... Dead end. F#ck. It felt like 10 tons was just dropped on my shoulders. I traced my fingers along the abstract stonework of the wall. I could hear them run down the hallway, chasing me. They don't know that I've already lost. They won. I heard them turn the corner and stop. Not saying anything. All anyone could hear was my steady breathing. In, out, in, out. 30 breaths later they murmured quietly, then I could hear him take out his wand. I closed my eyes, waiting to die.

A Year Earlier Our plane landed in England, Liam and Randall were asleep. It was cold and drizzly, exactly how I was feeling. Even with the "Amazing opportunity to attend", as my mother put it, I still was upset about this. I didn't want to go to Hogwarts, or whatever the name was. Sigh, I elbowed my two idiot brothers in the rib cage. Liam jerked awake, looking like a noob as always. His wavy brown hair, has always been in it's usual business style. I handed him his half-rimmed glasses so he could see the miserable weather outside. While, on the other side of me, Randall calmly sat up, yawning loudly. The 10.5 hour flight from Sacramento to England was excruciating. Randall shook his long, skater hair, it was the exact same color and texture as mine and Liam's. Randall was much more normal than Liam. Liam, obsessed of learning every spell possible. Obsessed with getting the best grades. Randall however, doesn't really think much of anything. Not interested in video games, or girls, or school. Me, I don't really know what I like and don't like. The plane pulled up to the gate, we three were the last off. Liam leaned over to me, "Em, this is a new start. Here we can forget the past, and start a new future." he said while grabbing his carry on bag.
"Hallmark called, they want their greeting card back." I shot back at him, scolding. He knew that I didn't like talking about what happened. We ended the topic abruptly. As we scooted our way down the narrow isle, I could see a wide valley and a range of high purple mountains. The sky was a dull gray, but with stunning specks of silver shine. Liam's words echoed in my ears, Forget the past and start a new future.

As we exited the terminal, the first thing I saw was a gigantic man with a bushy brown beard and a very furry vest. He was holding a small white sign that clearly said "Barker". Randall saw him too, because I heard him gasp. All 3 of us nervously, and slowly walked up to the man with the sign. " Yer' the Barker kids are yeh?" He jabbered, all I could do was nod. He was terrifying, his hands were the size of my head. He could step on me and kill me. But, his green eyes were somehow familiar, soft and comforting. "I got most of yer' supplies, Molly Weasly can take yer' guys to Diagon Alley." He said while fumbling in his pocket. "Yer' going to be stayin' with the Weasly's while you're here, nice people. Ah, here it is!" He pulled out a small velvet bag with long draw-strings and handed it to Liam. The bag was full of small bronze coins, medium silver coins, and larger gold coins. "Well, best be gettin' you to the Burrow, oh, name's Hagrid by the way." He grinned. Great, I was going to be living in a hole for the next year.

Do you like it? I'm still kinda thinking about what will happen in the story. If you want to be in the story, message me quick!

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