I'd rather feel this than nothing at all (An Naruto/Akatsuki Story)

Yes I know. . .another one! Can't help myself!! ^__^

Chapter 1

Oh, boy!

"Can you please stop cartwheeling, Sukaira!" my partner-in-crime/best friend, Hikari, scolded me.
"Aww, Hikari you're such an almost 20-year-old!" I cooed mockingly as I walked on my hands. 
"You are so annoying!" 
"You love me anyway."
"Yeah. Whatever." she rolled her eyes ,but laughed at the same time.
I stuck my tounge out, smiling. "Im just excited, ya know? They responded. Pein-sama is interested. We might actually become part of them."
"It is quite exciting, but don't talk about it, okay? We are still missing-nin who have committed several serious crimes…"Hikari said in her pretty, low, silky voice.
"Oh yeah…" I said mimicking her calm and collected tone.

22 hours later 
"Who are you?" a young-looking man with white-blonde hair and an amulet around his long neck cursed getting ready to fight at any moment.  
"No worries, dude! We're here to join you! Keep the peace!" I pleaded with a smile on my face. 
"Hidan, relax. Pein-sama sent these two…don't you remember the meeting?" said a short woman with shiny blue hair, purple eye shadow, a single pearl piercing and a big white flower.
"He even showed you their Wanted signs!" 
"Well how was I suppossed to know about these two bleep?!"
"Can you really stop cursing? I just got here and it's annoying the hell outta me!" Hikari hissed. 
"I care?"
"Come on, let me show you two to leader." the woman pulled on our wrists leading us to his office. "By the way, my name is Konan." she smiled. 
"Nice name. I'm Hikari Michikomai... And this one is…"
"Sukaira Akako Itotenshi!" I exclaimed.
"Some name…" Konan mused as she pulled us to Pein's office. 
"And don't call him Pein or you'll die…"
"So what the hell do we call him?" Hikari grumbled. 
"Dont mind her! She's a little pissed off because we are a little late."
"Just barely!" Konan smiled. She knocked on the black door "Leader-sama! It's the two girls!" 
"Come in." said an assertive commanding voice. Hikari trailed her hand to the gold doorknob and slowly pulled on it as my hands shook with anticipation! When the door was finally open, we found leader-sama sitting down. He was cute…bright orange hair, pretty translucent skin, and a ga-jillion piercings, his eyes were weird though…beautiful, but really weird...
Hikari and I bowed. 
"Thank you, now sit." he bellowed. 
We did as told and looked at him with a pokerface. Hikari's pokerface meant furrowing her eyebrows slightly and pulling her pink lips into a tight line. Whenever I pulled my pokerface I tried to look almost stupid. I gave myself eyes as if I was a deer in headlights and left my teeth closes but my own lips slightly gapped. 
"Stop with the faces. Let's get down to buisness." Leader insructed. "Just fill out these applications."
"Applications?" Hikari and I sang in unison. 
"Yes, applications. And don't do the "
'Mary-Sue' thing, okay. No one is a Mary-Sue. The akatsuki has actually turned down plenty of Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus, okay?"
'Leader-sama is a bit bitter ain't he?' I smirked mentally. 
"We are actually quite proud we aren't Mary-Sues. Our flaws-which are few- make us stronger." I said confidently. 
He looked at us suspiciously. "Well…then just fill these out…" he slipped us two white papers. 
"Alright." I said. 
"Yup." Hikari said sarcastically 

[Name: Sukaira Hoshika Itotenshi

[Nickname: Sura; Suki, Kai

[Hair: Black, straight

[eyes: green

[Gender: Female

[Preferred Significant Other Gender: Straight

[Age: 17

[Birthday: 7/14

[Blood Type: O-

[Height: 5'3 1/2 Yes I know I'm short. 

[Weight: 118 lbs. 

[Skin tone: light tan

[Body type: (eg., tall, skinny, big boned, muscular ect): short, lean, muscular

[Personality/behaviour (again, please be descriptive): cautious, slightly naive, bold, young, intelligent   

[Likes/Hobbies: singing, traveling, meeting new people, mischief, rock/alternative/punk music  

[Dislikes: cocky people, people who sing through their noses, bubble-gum pop music

[Fears (everyone has some!) and why: Classified

[Former village and reason for leaving: Konahagakure, I simply wasn't challenged and when I was…well that never really happened…but when it did it wasn't a goal I wanted to achieve

[Past:  Once a member of the Itotenshi clan she recieved special training who was head of the Seven Swordsmen of Konaha. She became a Jounin at age 8 and became a master strategist and an important part of the ANBU Black Ops at age 13. soon she was kidnapped by Orochimaru and experimented on for two years. She soon became one of his favorite test subjects and at age 15 was released and then kidnapped again by Masuhiro-an up-and-coming scientist, but Sukaira quickly defeated him. She had met Hikari that year when Hikari ressurrected her and they soon became partners-in-crime litterally!

[Reason(s) for joining Akatsuki: I need something that'll finally prove just how lethal I really am 

[Fighting/skills/talents, etc: Eh…I can sing and I'm funny? 

[Chakra element: lightning, earth

[Signature weapon (op.): my best friend is a katana

[Other weapons: A sai, senbon, poison, and I just ADORE a good grenada

[Any Kinjutsu?: Nope

[Strengths in battle: Im amazing at Genjutsu, superior intellegence, and a weapons expert. 

[Weaknesses in battle (everyone has at least one!): Im not too quick on my feet, Im an aweful tracker, and not too fantastic in taijutsu. 

[Fighting style: I like to strategize… 

[Kekkei Genkai: shourei metsuki (future eyes); jurei kyouyo (life-giving)}Unnatural ability given to me by Orochimaru  

[A host of any demons or tailed-beasts?: Nope. 

[Other abilities: Not that I know of. . .

[Anything else you’d like to mention about your fighting style/weapons?: No…don't think there's anythin else, but I adapt quickly to the fighting styles of others and can easily work with anyone as long as they don't piss me off.  
Now let’s see how skilled you are. Please rank your abilities from a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being absolutely horrible and 10 being excellent. If you do not use/have the skill, you may leave it blank or put a 0 in. PLEASE do not put 10 for everything!

[Taijutsu: 5.5

[Ninjutsu: 8

[Kinjutsu: 0-have none

[Genjutsu: 10 

[Healing/medical: 7.5

[Accuracy: 9

[Ability to think on the spot: 10

[Motivation: 7

[Thinking skills: 9.5

[Weaponry: 10

[Stealth: 8.5

[Intelligence: 9.5

[Tracking: 3

[Chakra Control: 9.5

[Speed/evasion: 7.5

[Defense: 6.5

[Kekkei genkai: 9

[Shinobi Rank: Rank-A Jounin

[Family: Morii Itotenshi, Erai-Hoshika Hyuuga, Ana Itotenshi, Shukyo Itotenshi, Rima Itotenshi   

[Any disabiities, disorders, or anything we should know about?: (eg. bi-polar, learning diffucilties, or physical disabilities) Well…Im a little insane outta my mind.


[Color: Red, purple, orange, bright yellow

[Season: Summer

[Food: SUSHI!!…it's just something about fresh raw fish…

[Animal: Birds of Paradise

[Band: Paramore, The Maine, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance

[Song: "Keep On Bringing Me Down" Forever the Sickest Kids; "Like Its Her Birthday" Good Charlotte; "A Beautiful Mess" Jason Mraz; "Never Too Late" Three Days Grace; "Toxic Valentine" All Time Low; "Lisa Marie" Artist Vs. Poet; "So Much I Never Said"; "Riot" Three Days Grace; "Animal I Have Become" Three Days Grace; "Shakin Hands" Nickelback; "I Must Be Dreaming" The Maine; "Inside of You" The Maine; "Growing Up" The Maine; "Right Girl" The Maine; "Hello" Beyonce; "Missing" Flyleaf; "Dissapear" Beyonce; "Sattelites" Beyonce

[Book: Poetry

[Movie: Dont really know…

[Name: Hikari Michikomai 

[Nickname: Hika; Splatter

[Gender: Female

[Preferred Significant Other Gender: Straight

[Birthday: June 27

[Age: 19

[Height: 5'6

[Weight: 124 lbs. 

[Skin tone: pale

[Blood type: B

[Body type: (eg., tall, skinny, big boned, muscular ect): tall, muscular 

[Personality/behaviour: serious, mature, sweet, funny, rebellious  

[Likes/Hobbies: painting, training, sleeping, watching the moon

[Dislikes: cocky people, hierarchy, people who believe they're better than everyone, royalty, being left out

[Fears (everyone has some!) and why: Classified

[Former village and reason for leaving: Kirigakure . I left because everyone decided me being different is bad and because of that they should shun me. 

[Past: Originating in the village hidden in The mist disownned by her family and shunned by her clan for her extremely rare Kekkai genkai the reading eyes, Hikari found her way to the evil side. She soon met her love interest, Masuhiro who promised her power and revenge for the awful things her clan had done out of jealousy. He was her sensai for five years and when she was 16 they had an affair however she soon found out he didn't love her and killed her entire clan excluding her ex-sister, Juriette and her two best friends Tohru and Kenji. When she was 17 she found Sukaira's body and resurrected it then offered to house her. Sukaira gratefully accepted and they soon became best friends as well as criminals for their several crimes of theft, murder, and impersonation.  

[Reason(s) for joining Akatsuki: I want to kill Masuhiro.

[Hobbies/skills/talents, etc: Besides from being a ninja Im a painter, dancer and a good cook

[Chakra element: water

[Signature weapon (op.): Dont have one

[Other weapons: I like hand-to-hand combat

[Any Kinjutsu?: I can resurrect people as long as I have their blood and heart

[Strengths in battle: Taijutsu; nintaijutsu; tracking

[Weaknesses in battle (everyone has at least one!: I am absolutley horrible at genjutsu; teamwork 

[Fighting style: hand-to-hand; taijutsu

[A host of any demons or tailed-beasts?: no but Ive been cursed. 

[Anything else you’d like to mention about your fighting style/weapons?: Ive been cursed by the Kage of my village to become weak once a year and that once a year is unpredictable. I get excruciating pains which if not treated I can die from, but if I do survive, chakra becomes ten-fold.  

Now let’s see how skilled you are. Please rank your abilities from a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being absolutely horrible and 10 being excellent. If you do not use the skill, you may leave it blank or put a 0 in. PLEASE do not put 10 for everything! 

[Taijutsu: 10

[Ninjutsu: 8.5

[Kinjutsu: 9.5

[Genjutsu: 4.5 

[Healing/medical: 9.5

[Accuracy: 6.5

[Ability to think on the spot: 10

[Motivation: 9

[Thinking skills: 8

[Weaponry: 5.5

[Stealth: 10

[Intelligence: 10

[Tracking: 8.5

[Chakra Control: 9

[Speed/evasion: 9.5

[Defense: 10

[Kekkei genkai: 9.5

[Shinobi Rank: Rank-A Jounin

Family: Sukaira Hoshika Itotenshi

Any disabiities, disorders, or anything we should know about?: (eg. bi-polar, learning diffucilties, or physical disabilities): Because of the curse I get terrible pains in my body once a year for a week. 

Kekkei Genkai: hikan metsuki(reading eyes); mibae te (charmed hands)

Other abilities: to ressurect the dead}Kinjutsu


[Color: purple, blue, red

[Season: Winter

[Food: Can you choose a favorite child?!

[Animal: Bunny

[Song: "Basket Case" Green Day; "Emergency" Paramore; "Maybe" Sick Puppies; "The Pedestrian" Foxboro Hottubs; "I Hate Everything About You" Three Days Grace; "Never Too Late" Three Days Grace; "Riot" Three Days Grace; "Violet" Hole; "Summer Love/Set the Mood Right" Justin Timberlake; "Dissapear" Beyonce; "Satellites" Beyonce; "Smash Into You" Beyonce 

[Band/Singer: Three Days Grace; Sick Puppies; Hole; My Chemical Romance; Justin Timberlake; Beyonce 

[Book: Haven't thought about it. 
[Movie: "Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist"

I finished before Hikari so she rushed a little bit. 
"Why do we have to fill out favorites?This sounds like a dating website!" Hikari snapped. 
"Just to make sure you would be compatible with your potential housemates."  
"As long as they stay outta my way I can live with them!" Hikari put her arms over her small chest and pouted with her plump pink lips. 
"And that's why on her application it says 'bad with teamwork.'' I implied. 
"Thank you, Sukaira." Hikari said sarcastically.
"Just sayin-'" I said feebly putting my hands up in defense.
"Excuse me!" Pein slammed his hand on his desk. 
I straightened up, "Sorry leader-sama."
"Well hello!" Konan sang as she entered the dark room.

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