4 those who ot their hearts broke. im not sayin ALL of these r mine but weve all got a few unexpected twists in our lives. If ur really in love and u think im on crack (which im not..i swear!) then u can give me a piece of ur mind...id rather not want a reel piece of ur mind. Just remember loves not EVERYTHING and u need 2 show ur EX''z that they can kiss ur a-double-s.

Chapter 1

Lovez not worth it

by: _Sammy
i may look easy and sweet
But I'm some 1 u can't beat.
Ur peppy but I'm not
I'm just not some 1 who can be bought
Love is tough
And sometimes it seems like ur in jail with cuffs

Just take it fm me & dnt sell ur love
Becauce 1 of these days life won't be so rough...

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