love at first sight (justin bieber love story)

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her names Ava
( useing Taylor Parks pics for ava..)

Chapter 1

a nasty broken heart

"Ava..please I'm sorry,i know i made a mistake but i know i can fix it. all im asking for is another chance to show you i really do care about you" Connor set on my bed and put cradled my face between his hand. i looked into his beatiful blue eyes....eyes that i use to believe in but cant trust again....
"I'm sorry Connor......i cant. i love you but i cant trust you.." i looked down, i didnt want to look into his eyes and believe something that was a total lie.
"Ava....please...." as a heard him begging i felt tears come into my eyes but i wouldnt let him see them..i sucked in my breath and tried to but as much hate into my words as i can...."LEAVE ME ALONE,CONNOR,I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!" i didnt look in his eyes though...scared to see the hurt i just caused him. he silently got of the bed and walked out the door. when he closed the door the tears came. i couldnt stop them...i hugged myself trying to keep myself into one piece but nothing could excape the pain of your real first heartbreak.
the next thing i know im wakeing up with a terrible headache..
"thats wat i get for crying myself to sleep again' i said tomyself.
i got out of bed and walked into the kitchen where my aunt was sitting at the table and sipping some coffee.
"why hello ava. i thought i wouldnt see you today because of the horrible night u had last night" she sounded worried but im glad she didnt say his name. i dont think i could bear hearing his name.
then i saw the ciggerette in the ashtrey. i looked up her."i thought u stoped spokeing?" i asked with bitterness in my voice
she laughed softly.
"i gave up Ava if i die early then so what." as she said this a got pissed off
"what the fvck?! u dont care if u die?! your all me and jordon have left and ur saying that bullshiit?.' I stormed back into my room without MY LIVE WAS A LIVING HELL AND NOONE CARES!!( t.b.c)[srry so short itll be longer next time]

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