Evil Nature: Chapter 2

Part 2 sorry it took so long to get up,comment please,I hope it's good

Chapter 1

I think I know what's wrong

I was silent the rest of the way home,that freaked me out so freaking badly,I didn't want to remember it,I was wondering what was going to happen,I was wondering what our punishment would be,and if we were even going to be punished,then suddenly my thoughts were interupted. "Boy,Sybs,you sure are quiet tonight",Crow commented. "Oh,uh,I'm I'm fine",I stuttered,I really wasn't fine,I knew I was lying so did Crow. He just stopped,and stared at me "I know something's up Sybil,you're normally not this quiet,you're normally,annoying the heck out of me,and as your older brother,I want to make sure everythings ok",he said extreamly worried. "I'm fine,honest I am",I screamed. Then as soon as we got home,I ran upstairs to my room. My brother and I shared an apartment,it was all either of us could afford,so we just put our money together,and settled for the run down,crappy old apartment we have. 5 minutes later,I heard a knock on my door. "Come in",I shouted through the door. "Sybil are you ok?",Crow asked me. I just stayed quiet. "Come on Syb",he pleaded. "I'm---I'm just scared",I admitted at last. "Why?",he asked. "I---I don't know I'm afraid that what just happened down at the beach will happen again",I answered. "That was just some random event",Crow ressured me. "And besides what are the chances of it happening again". He added. "Pretty freaking huge" ,I yelled at the top of my lungs."You and your wild imagination",Crow sighed. "I...I think this is serious", I started. "Continue",my brother demanded showing some intrest. "Y'know when we lit the bonfire and chanted that spell",I went on. Crow nodded. "Well,I...I think we messed with mother nature too much and now we're paying for what we did",I finished.Crow just laughed. "You don't believe me",I whined. Then just as he was about to answer,a faint,white figure appeared before our eyes......


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