My Little Love Story (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

I love you guys!

-- Jessica♥♥

Chapter 1

~~The Road So Far~~

“No, Macey, I’m not going on a blind date!” I told her, again.
“Why not Charlie?!” She complained.
“Because, I don’t know the guy!”
“That’s the point!”
“I don’t care. Unless you tell me more about him and show me a picture of him I am not going on that date!”
“Ugh. You’ve already seen pictures of him and there’s not that much to him. He’s a nice guy. That’s all you need to know.”
“Ok… and what’s his name again?”
“Taylor. I’ve already told you this six times.”
“Ok… and a picture?” She pulled her phone out and showed me a picture of a guy.
“Are you happy now? It’s not a blind date anymore.”
“No, it still is, because I highly doubt that you’re boyfriend is telling him about me.” I told her.
“Actually I think he might be, because I gave him a picture of you and he’s with Taylor right now.” Macey said, smiling. I grabbed her arm and pulled her under one of the hangovers from the roof of the store we were next to.
“Ok, just because you’re boyfriend is all that doesn’t mean he’s showing one of his friend’s pictures of me. In fact I hope he’s not.”
“Charlie what’s gotten into you?”
“What’s gotten into me? What’s gotten into you? You used to be so much fun and we were like joined at the hip, and now you spend every waking moment with you’re stupid boyfriend.”
“Justin is not stupid!” She yelled. I scoffed.
“Oh right, because there’s no way a famous person could be stupid!” I said sarcastically.
“Oh, so because I have a famous boyfriend and you don’t he’s stupid?!”
“I never said that Macey.” I told her.
“I don’t care. You called him stupid, and he’s not! That’s it I’m done!” She yelled as she walked away from me.
“Yeah, right, run home to your boyfriend, I hope he gets hit by a bus!” Wow that would be a funny newspaper headline: Justin Bieber Gets Hit By A Bus. Hah! Hilarious! I walked back out of my cover from the rain and went just inside this store and pulled out my phone.
“Hey Justin, it’s Charlie.” I said.
“Oh, hey Charlie, what’s up?”
“You know that guy that you and Macey are trying to set me up with?”
“Taylor? Yeah.”
“Can I get his number?”
“Sure I’ll text it to you.”
“Thank you!”
“No problem Char.” He said and then hung up. I waited a minute before I got a text with a phone number; I saved it and then called my mom, asking her to come meet me at the car. I would have gone alone but I only have my permit so I can’t drive without an adult in the car. We met there and I got in and turned the car on, then my mom got in and we went home. I went in and took my shopping bags with me down to my room, which was also the basement. I threw the bags on my bed and then texted the phone number that Justin had given me.
Hey… Taylor right??
Yes. Who is this?
Charlie. Justin and his girlfriend have been trying to set us up.
Oh. Hi! I’ve heard a lot about you!
I’ve heard… practically nothing about you. Lol, Macey wouldn’t tell me.
Oh. Well, do you want to go on this date?
Um, sure. When though?
Hmm, uh, what are you doing… tomorrow?
I don’t think I’m doing anything.
Ok, you wanna meet somewhere?
Yeah, sure, but um, I can’t drive.
You’re 14?
No, but I only have my permit, I’m getting my license on my birthday.
When’s that?
August 7th.
Oh, so it’s in just over a month. Well happy early birthday!
Lol, thanks. Um I can see if my older brother would come with me?
Yeah, or I could just pick you up.
No, let me call my brother. One minute.
Ok. I dialed Jesse’s number and hit send.
“Hey Charlie, what’s up?”
“Um, could you drive with me somewhere tomorrow?”
“Most likely, why?”
“Because I have a date and until my birthday I can’t drive alone.”
“Ooh, who you goin’ out with?”
“This guy Macey set me up with.”
“Fun! So, where are you two going?”
“I’m not sure, but not far. Will you come please?” I begged.
“I don’t know I mean I have to go food shopping and pick up–”
“Alright alright I’ll go geez.”
“Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!”
“Ok, ok, I’ll come over in the morning, say hi to mom and dad, and then leave with you to go get a bite to eat and get food. Then you will go to wherever your date is, and when you’re on your date I’ll go get food and stay out until you text me and tell me to come grab you ok?”
“Thank you Jesse!”
“No problem Charlie. See you tomorrow. Bye.” He said then hung up. I texted Taylor.
My brother said he’d be my little driving buddy tomorrow.
Lol, ok then, so, where are we meeting?
I don’t know. Where is your favorite place to be?
Wait… what?
Wait like movies?
Um, yeah didn’t Macey tell you?
No tell me what?
My last name.
Did she tell you mine?
Yes, Johnson right?
Yeah. And yours?
…. Is that supposed to be signifying to me?
Wait you don’t know who I am?
No. What movies have you been in?
Um, the Twilight Saga.
Oh, that explains why I don’t know you.
Why you’re not a fan?
Um… that’s an understatement. I read the first book and hated it. Never tried the others or saw any of the movies.
Wow, um well I play Jacob. That ring a bell?
Yeah, I’ve seen the posters. And I’ve always liked the Jacob ones, hah! That probably sounds funny.
No, not really.
Yeah. So where are we meeting?
Uh, where else do you hang out?
We can go to this park near my house. Nobody ever goes there and if anyone IS there it’s a park for my neighborhood so people are used to me there. Do you wanna meet there?
Sure, I’m going to need an address though.
I’ll give you mine, and you can come to my house and we can walk from there.
Alright. He gave me his address then we said our goodbyes and I Googled his address memorizing the route there from my house. I went upstairs and saw my little brother and sister in the living room playing on the floor. I walked into the kitchen and saw my parents leaned over the counter talking to each other.
“Hey Charlie.” My dad said. I smiled.
“Hi daddy.”
“Charlie, you makin’ dinner?” My mom asked. I shrugged.
“If you’re not I can.”
“Could you also babysit tonight?” My dad asked.
“What, why?” I asked, confused.
“Because your father and I were thinking of going out tonight.” My mom told me shortly. I dropped my face and head slightly.
“Yeah, I can make diner and watch them tonight.” I said.
“Great! Then it’s settled, we’re going out!” My mom said, happy and excited. She ran up the stairs and into her room to get changed and I looked over at my dad. He was writing on a couple sheets of paper and when he finished he folded them in half and stuck them underneath a can of spaghetti noodles.
“Don’t read this.” He said and then waited at the bottom of the stairs for my mom. I turned around for a few minutes getting together things for dinner and about 10 minutes later I looked back and they were out the door. I decided to wait until I heard them pulling out of the driveway to grab the papers and read them.
What I read broke my heart and tore it out. I couldn’t believe that they would do this to me….
I am so sorry to be having to tell you this by letter and not in person, but this is the way your mom wanted it to be. Charlie we’re leaving, and we’re not coming back. We’ve left the house to you and all of our money so that you can support yourself and your siblings. You’ll have to get a job and probably ask Jesse to come back home but I know you can do it. We’ll make our own start again, we have a few hundred for gas and then wherever we run out of gas is where we’ll live. We have gotten new phones on new numbers and disconnected the old ones. So don’t try calling. Don’t try to find us; don’t try anything to reach us. We don’t want that. Just call you brother and ask him to come home. I really am sorry for this. But the fact that Jesse is 19 can be put to your use. He can drive with you because he is a legal adult and Callie and Jason aren’t that hard to care for. With the help of Jesse and daycare centers you can do this. We know you can. Your mother and I are putting all of our trust in you and all of our faith. Don’t let us down and don’t let Callie and Jason down. You love them as much as we do did so you’re the only one we could trust with them. Our neighbors will also be helpful seeing as though we have left notes like this for them, only the two next door and the one directly across the street though. Don’t file missing persons’ reports and don’t let everyone know what we did. Like I said before don’t let us down, and don’t let Callie and Jason down, because now they’re counting on you not us. When you finish reading this letter call your brother and tell them that your mother and I demand that he get over to the house right now. He can have his old room back and life will go on, I promise. As I was writing this I was looking over at you and thinking about how much I wanted to say goodbye or give you a hug but your mother and I don’t normally give you hugs or say goodbye when we just go out, so you would’ve guessed that something was up and asked us to stay, which probably would have worked on me, but it wouldn’t have worked on your mother and I am staying wherever she is. Again, I really am sorry to put you through this at this age Charlie, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think you could handle this. And if it does get to be too much for you, you can get emancipated and move out, or you can put a walkout door in the basement and just live down there. But whatever you do don’t give Callie and Jason up for adoption. We don’t want that for them. Which is why we left them in your capable hands, we hope that you don’t hate us. Oh and by the way we started a fund for a car for you, it’s big enough for the car you wanted and to cover the insurance on it for five years. Use it well and keep you and everyone else safe.

I was shocked beyond belief. I couldn’t believe what this letter was telling me. On the back were account passwords and codes that I would need. I ran back down to my room and put the letter in a box and put that box in a drawer I never used. I went back upstairs and tried to stop crying when I was attacked by young people who were hungry. Callie had grabbed my leg and Jason had jumped on my back. I put Callie on my hip and moved Jason and took his hand and walked into the kitchen with them.
“So, what do you two monsters want for dinner?” I asked them, playfully. They looked at each other simultaneously.
“Macaroni and cheese!” They yelled in unison. I laughed.
“Alright.” I said. I cooked for them and while I was waiting for them to start eating – the food was too hot for them – I went outside and called my brother.
“Charlie?” He asked, worried.
“Jesse come home.” I said my voice breaking. Then I started crying.
“Char-Charlie, what’s wrong?”
“Mom, a-and d-dad they l-l-left.” I got out before completely breaking down.
“Oh my god. I’ll be right over.” He said then hung up. My phone fell in my lap and my face fell into my hands and I stayed out on the porch and sobbed for hours. Eventually I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew it was Jesse, but I didn’t respond to it. He ended up having to pick me up and take me inside. He put a hand over my mouth and told Callie and Jason I fell asleep and took me down to my room. He put me in my bed and laid a blanket over me and put my phone on my bedside table. Then he shut the door and went back upstairs. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up and looked in the mirror I hardly recognized myself. I had horrible circles under my eyes, my hair was a mess and my face was tired and sad, still. I grabbed a towel and my robe and went into the shower, texted Jesse telling him not to use the water, then turned the water on and got in. I turned the water on really hot and then washed my hair, twice and conditioned it and then tried to shave my legs but by the fourth time I cut myself with the razor I gave up and then thought about the first time I shaved and cut myself with my mom and started crying and leaned against the wall and slid down and sobbed. The water was cold, that I could tell because my skin had goose bumps, but I didn’t feel it, I just sat on the shower floor and sobbed. A couple hours later Jesse knocked and when I didn’t respond he came in and saw me, he opened the shower door and turned off the water. He saw the blood dripping down my legs and freaked out and reached in to grab me but I slid farther away from him.
“Charlie I’m your brother. And despite my efforts I’ve seen you without clothes on before.” He said and I knew it made sense to let him help me out, I did, but I just wouldn’t let him. He grabbed my towel and held it out for me and I scooted closer to him and before I could move away again he grabbed me and wrapped me in the towel. He put my robe around my shoulders and I put my arms through and tied it tight and then Jesse took the towel and picked me up again. He went to my room and got my phone then went upstairs and laid me on the couch with the towel under my head.
“Charlie don’t beat yourself up over this, there’s nothing you could have done to stop it.” I sniffled.
“Where are Jason and Callie?”
“They’re fine I took them to a daycare center.” I closed my eyes and sighed in relief.
“Thank you.” I told him as I opened my eyes. He smiled.
“No problem. Now, are you still set on going on that date?”
“I don’t know. I would need to tell Taylor what happened and see if he really wants to go on this date.”
“Taylor… wait, the famous Taylor?”
“There are lots of famous Taylors.”
“Yes, but not many famous guy Taylors, and only one your age. Lautner.”
“Yeah, I’m going on a date with him. Why?
“Well, because Heather is a huge fan of his and if it goes well and you two get, serious, she’d love to meet him.” He said smiling. I chuckled.
“Yes, your girlfriend can meet him if it gets to be a real relationship.” I told him. He smiled and gave me a small hug. I had stopped crying and felt much better, so I picked up my phone and almost hit send to call Taylor but then didn’t. “How am I gonna tell him this without crying?” I asked. Jesse sat by my feet and looked at me.
“Practice with me.” He said simply. I took a deep breath and whispered it.
“My parents left last night.”
“My parents left last night.” I said a little louder.
“My parents left last night.”
“My parents left last night!” I said loudly, then frowned. Jesse smiled, but then got up and went to the kitchen. I heard a little banging around and then he came back out with two shot glasses and a bottle of what I assumed to be alcohol and when he brought it over to me I was confused.
“Jesse what is that?”
“Ever clear.”
“And why is it out here?”
“Because, it will make telling him a lot easier but you need to drink this first.” He said pulling prickly pear juice out from behind him. I looked skeptically at it but downed it until he told me to stop. Then he drank the rest and set it down. Then he poured the Ever clear and gave me a shot glass.
“Drink up.” He said smiling. He tilted the glass up and drank the whole thing and I picked the glass up and drank some and almost spit it out.
“God what the hell is that Jesse?” I asked gagging. He laughed.
“Drink the rest and I’ll tell you.” He said. I grimaced but drank the rest and set the glass down and looked at him. “It’s the strongest liquor I’ve heard of.” He said laughing. I hit his arm and laid back on the towel.
“So what am I drunk now?”
“No, but you will be soon.”
“So am I gonna have a hangover tomorrow?”
“No, the pear juice will keep that from happening. You’re safe, and I didn’t fill mine up as much as yours and I will be eating soon. You won’t until right before your date. Now call Taylor and talk to him.” He said then got up and went into the kitchen again. I found his contact number and called him, surprisingly he answered on the first ring.
“It’s Charlie.”
“Oh, hi Charlie.” He said, he seemed distracted.
“Um, is this a bad time? I can call later.”
“No, no I just… one sec.” He said and apparently took the phone away from his ear. I waited until I didn’t hear anything then got suspicious.
“Yeah, ok, what did you want to talk about?”
“Um, our date. See my parents–”
“Are you bailing?” He asked.
“What? No, no, um my parents left last night.” I said, and the way I said it sounded like a question.
“Oh, um, when are they coming back?”
“They’re not.” I said. I heard him suck in a breath.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry.”
“No its fine, but I just don’t know how to break it to Callie and Jason I mean they’re so young.”
“Um, Callie and Jason are… your kids?”
“Yes. Well no, they’re my little brother and sister, but I guess they are mine now that my parents are gone.” I said.
“Wow, that’s a lot of responsibility shoved onto a fifteen year old.” He said.
“Yeah, but I have my brother, he moved back in last night, I think, well he’s here which is all that matters. And I’m glad because I wouldn’t be able to handle the kids alone.”
“Um, Charlie how old are they?”
“Four and… seven I think, maybe six I don’t know.”
“How do you not know one of your sibling’s ages?”
“Um, I think I’m drunk.” I said oddly.
“You’re drunk?” I laughed.
“I think so, why, is that a bad thing?”
“Um, yes, you’re fifteen!”
“Ugh, I know, my brother made me do it so I wouldn’t cry when I told you about my parents.”
“Wow Charlie. How much?”
“Just one shot. I’m fine really, I’ll eat something and then I will make my brother drive me over to your house.”
“Ok, um I’ll be back home in about an hour, get there a little after that?”
“Sure, what should I wear?”
“Um, I’m gonna wear jeans and a tee-shirt, so whatever you want.” He said.
“Ok, I’ll see you later Charlie.”
“Bye Taylor.” I said then hung up. I set my phone down then went into the kitchen and when Jesse wasn’t looking took half of the burger he had just cooked. He turned around and before he could grab it I took a bite out of it. He let it go and I ate as I went down to find something to wear. I settled for some black skinny jeans and black low-top converse and a purple shirt. The sleeves were shiny and the body was flat purple and it looked good on me. I straightened my almost-black hair and looked in the mirror. It was fluffy, but straight, and long too, a lot longer than I remembered but I guess that was ok. I looked again and saw that my hair was reaching to about halfway down my stomach. Wow! It was long. I disregarded it and put a head band on my head so that I could do my makeup without my hair getting in the way. I put on some eyeliner then put on shimmery purple eye shadow, but not much and then made the eyeliner on my lid a little heavier and then put on mascara and a little bit of red lip stain to darken my lips a couple shades. I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had grown up a few years in just a few minutes. I liked it. I walked out of the bathroom and almost collided with Jesse. He looked me up and down and then focused on my face.
“Take some off.” He said. I scoffed.
“I don’t have to listen to you you’re my brother.”
“Yes and as of now I’m the only authority figure you have, take some of your eyeliner off or I won’t drive you.” I scowled but went back to the bathroom and took some off the top then reapplied the shadow and mascara and looked again. I looked fifteen once again. Ugh! I walked out and Jesse looked at my eyes.
“Better. When are we leaving?”
“What time is it?”
“Two thirty.”
“Twenty minutes.”
“Make a list.”
“Fine.” I said and then went to my room and got a sheet of paper out of a drawer and started writing on it. I wrote birth control on the list because my mom had started me on it a year ago when she thought me and one of my exes were getting too serious and I had taken it ever since then. I grabbed my money which I kept hidden under my mattress and my ID which was also under my mattress and stuck them in my back pocket and then went up to grab my keys, sunglasses and phone. I rang the doorbell three times which told Jesse I was ready to go then got in the car, started it and backed out of the driveway. He came running out and stopped for a second then got in and shut the door while I started driving down the road.
“Thought I was driving.” He said. I shook my head and smiled.
“You don’t know how to get there. And I ate enough, I don’t have a buzz anymore.” I told him putting my sunglasses on. He shrugged and settled back into the seat.
“You make a list?”
“Yeah, here.” I said handing him the list. He looked it over and his eyes widened at the end.
“Birth control? What the hell do you need birth control for?” He asked frantically. I chuckled.
“Mom put me on it when I was dating that guy last year.”
“Oh, well that makes sense.” I hit his arm.
“Shut up Jesse we weren’t involved that way.”
“I beg to differ.”
“Oh, like you ever saw anything.”
“So you were involved that way?”
“No. As much as it pains me to say it,” Sarcasm, “I’m still a virgin.” I told him. He laughed.
“Good to know.”
“And what about you Mr. Perfect?”
“Are you a virgin?” He laughed again.
“I can’t believe I’m talking about virginity status with my little sister. And no, I’m not.”
“Last time I asked you were.”
“Oh and when was that?”
“A month or two after you started dating Heather.” I said smiling. He hit my arm and my smile faded. I turned the last turn and slowed down.
“Why’d you slow down, the speed limit’s thirty?”
“This is his street, help me look for his house, four-oh-nine-oh-six-one.” I said. He looked out the window but it was on my side so I parked in front of his house and turned the car off.
“You got your keys Jesse?”
“Ok.” I said, grabbing mine and getting out.
“’Kay, stay virgin.”
“Stay… not.” I said smiling. He got in the driver’s seat and I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. A little girl answered the door and looked up at me and smiled.
“Hi.” She said happily. I smiled.
“Hi, what’s your name?”
“That’s a very pretty name.” I said. She smiled.
“What’s your name?”
“Charlotte.” I told her, oddly using my full name.
“That’s pretty too.” She said.
“Thank you.” I said just loud enough for her to hear. I saw someone come up behind her and move her to the side a little bit. I straightened up because I had been bent over a little bit talking to her and saw who I assumed to be Taylor.
“Hey Charlie.” He said smiling. I smiled slightly.
“Hi.” I said. He told the little girl to go grab something but before she could come back he locked the door, stepped outside and shut it.
“Sorry about that, she was right by the door when you got here and I was in the backyard.” He said. I laughed a little.
“No, its fine, she’s really cute.”
“Yeah, cute and annoying.” He said. He started walking and I followed him. We walked for a minute in silence but then he started asking me questions. “So, what’s your favorite thing to do?” He asked. I shrugged.
“Hang out with my friends I guess.” I said, honestly not knowing what my favorite thing to do was at the moment.
“Favorite color?”
“Hmm. Food?”
“Um, pizza or steak.”
“Nice. Animal?”
“Um, I like dogs, but I love horses.”
“Cool. Movie?”
“Um I really liked Day Breakers and Legion.”
“So you’re more into the scary action type stuff?”
“Yeah, I guess you could say that but there’s this one movie I like and it’s really like, for kids. God whats it called the adventures of….”
“Sharkboy and Lavagirl?”
“No, I’ve seen that though, um I don’t remember.” I said giving up. “Why’d you suggest that one, and why do you know the name so well?” I asked curiously.
“Um, I was in that movie.”
“Oh really? Who’d you play?”
“Um, Sharkboy.” He said, and he sounded embarrassed.
“Oh, hmm, well I haven’t seen that movie since it came out so I really wouldn’t know, or recognize you from it. Sorry.”
“No problem, like you said, you don’t know who I am, don’t apologize.” He said I looked down and let my hair swing in front of my face. He sped up and then stopped in front of me and moved my hair back behind my ear. I blushed and looked down but he tilted my head up with a finger under my chin.
“Don’t hide, and don’t be shy or embarrassed, there’s nothing you need to hide from me.”
“What if I was a hooker?”
“I wouldn’t want you to be but I wouldn’t want you to hide it from me.”
“Really?” I asked unbelieving.
“Really.” He said and then he slowly leaned in and he was about to kiss me when my phone rang. I turned away and pulled my phone out and saw that it was Macey and walked a few steps away and answered it.

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