The amulet

Chapter 1

A typical day...or is it?

Hello, i'm Melody Anne Harmony Lucia Rosie Beckford. I am a smarty-pants and a be honest. I was just reading the DELTORA Quest...i wished i was on a awesome journey! I got out my sketchpad, i began to draw amulets and gems...stuff like that.
"Melody, theres a package for you!"
I ran to my mum and opened the package, inside, there was a note.
Dear Melody, come to 8 Tomba street, meet there at Midnight

That rusty old note gave me the creeps!
"ok, should i?" i whispered under my breath.
I decided i would go there. I ran into my library and looked for a map.
I opened the map and started to look for Tomba Street. I found it.
Tomba street was one mile away. Suddenly, a note flew into my palm.

Watch out for evil people who wear black hoods!


They are named Black rats. Use this invisible dust to cover your face. It only is able to keep you invisible for half an hour. I will tell you what you have to find. It is a amulet. A beautiful one. I shall tell you more infomation when you arrive

"Ok, they aren't robbers" I said.

I ran like wind back home. I saw my puppy barking at me with excitment.

"ooh," i thought. "Maybe i can bring Paws with me!"

Bring no one... said the note.

Could this thing read minds?

I suddenly realised this journey to 8 Tomba Street was more dangerous than i thought...

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