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Chapter 1

Rebecca Black B#1

I dont see why everyone hates Rebecca Black.

They are just jealous of her sucess.

She has over 100,000,000,000 hits on YouTube.

Id love to meet her one day.

Shes my idol.

Ive spoke to her on my personal Twitter.
Which I havent gave anyone because its personal.

Now everyone stop hating or ill hate you. (i wont hate you)

If you hate her id like a reason why your hating on a 13 year old kid.
They need to grow up and stop this shiit.

I think Friday was such an amazing song.
But ill admit it if I hear it to much I go mad.

But I love it!

I cant wait till her albums out im defonetly buying it.

Rebecca black is awesome.

She is so pretty I wish I looked like her.

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