A New Host Club

Just read the info
Kitsa "Kitty" Matsegaru
Light brown hair
2nd year of high school [which means she's 16 apparently.]
Dresses as a commoner when not in school
Japanese side of Tamaki's family

Chapter 1

TamTam!!! YaYa!!!

A girl walked through the halls of Ouran Academy, a small piece of paper in her hand. "Music room number three......." She looked up and saw the room. She smiled, opening the doors, a flash of light flooded the halls as she stepped in. A group of handsome young boys were waiting. "Welcome, princess, to the Ouran Host club-" His extended hand went back as he saw who it was. "TamTam!" She launched herself at him. "Kitty!" They hugged and laughed. "Its been so long! When did you get here?" "A few days ago. Daddy got a new job here. Isnt that just great!" "Is she she a friend of yours, Senpai?"
"Oh?" The girl looked up, noticing the others for the first time. She got up quickly. "Not really a friend, more like a cousin!" "Tamaki-chan has a cousin?" I nodded to the little blond one. "You must be Hunney-chan!" "Thats right! How did you know?" "Well, TamTam talks to me over the phone a lot. We keep in touch in as many ways possible, so when we cant use the phone, we send letters or emails or texts. Anything really. I know all about the Ouran Host Club and Ouran Academy."
"Really now. Can you name all of us?" "Huh?" She turned just to see Kyouya standing behind her. She smiled and lunged at him. "YaYa! Its been way too long since we last saw each other!" "Yes, i know. Please get off of me, you're suffocating me." She stepped back and pouted. "You used to be fun!" "Yes, yes. Now, can you name us all?" She looked up from her pouting and smiled. "Uh huh." She turned, facing the others. "Thats Hunney-chan, TamTam, Kouru-chan and Hikaru-chan." She said, pointing to them as she said their names.
"Although, they dont look like you said they looked. The twins, i mean." "How did he say we looked?" "Well, he said you were quite dumb and looked like a bunch of id-" Tamaki came up behind her and put a hand over her mouth. "Now, now, Kitty, we're getting off topic. So, you're missing two, arent you?" "Biht." She said in a muffled voice. "No cud choo git youv had of mah mouf?" "Wheres Haruhi-chan and Mori-chan?" "Mori-chan went to get me some cake!" "Yeah," The twins said in unision. "And Haruhi went to get some more instant coffee."
"Oh." She smiled. "By the way. Im Kitsa Matsegaru, TamTam's cousin." They all snickered. "Why do you call him TamTam?" "Well it-" Then the door opened and Haruhi slammed it behind her. "Im back with the coffee. I still dont see why you cant get it yourselves-" She saw Kitsa and stopped. "Are we open for business already?" Kitsa just laughed. "No. Im Tamaki's cousin. Nice to meet you. Haruhi-chan, right?" She nodded, shaking her hand. "How do you know my name?" "TamTam tells me everything about his life! I gotta say, you are as cute as he says you are."
"Tamaki-Senpai told you i was cute?" "Of course! TamTam is always raving about you! In fact, just the other day he-" "Kitty!" Kitsa looked back at Tamaki from her rant. Then she went and kneeled in the corner. "I am so sorry TamTam, those were your secrets, that you told me, trusting that i would keep them, and i have failed you!" "Wow, she really is related to you." "Kitty? Kitty, its fine, really. Its just that that secret was meant for only you." Kitsa looked back at him and sniffed. "So........ you forgive me?" He nodded, her smile growing bigger as she pounced on him again. "Thank you, TamTam."
"You never told us about that nickname yet." "Yeah, or how you know Kyouya." She sat on a chair, smoothing out her yellow skirt. "Its simple really, i met TamTam when i was around, maybe, two. I still couldnt speak properly, and called him TamTam instead of his actual name, and it kinda just stuck. Same with YaYa, but i met him much earlier in my life." "Really?" "We've known each other since i was born, right YaYa?" He nodded, fixing his glasses and sitting beside her. "Yes, she was born in one of my families hospitals actually."
She smiled as everyone sat in front of them. "Tell them the story YaYa." "I would appreciate it if you didnt call me by that silly nickname." "But YaYa!" "Kitsa." "Tell them the story!" "Right. Well, her parents, like Tamaki and the rest of ours, are rich. They are close to the Ootori family, working in medicine themselves, although not exactly the way we do." "Huh?" "You see, the Matsegaru work in third world countries like Africa and South America, giving medical attention to those who need it. Quite touching really."
"So you help people, Kitsa-chan?" Kitsa smiled at Mitsukuni. "Yeah, pretty much. We do get paid for it, not by the people directly, but by the leader of them, and by donation." "Hm..." They talked for a while, then Kitsa stood up. "Well, i have to go see how daddy is faring with the paperwork...... And maybe get something better than this hideous gown." Haruhi stood as well. "And i have to go home. Dad is waiting for me." Haruhi left and Kitsa smiled at Tamaki. "Something tells me she isnt as cutesy as you make her out to be."
He started twiddling his thumbs as the others bugged him. Kitsa laughed as she paraded out the door.

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