Maximum Ride Fan-Fic

i've been getting into the maximum ride novels, and this is my own spin-off.
Name: Olivia Ride(that's the last name the School gave me; idk my REAL last name;)
Mutantry: bat-kid(NOT avian), with white wings peppered with brownish flecks on the feathers.
Abilities: echolocation, night-vision, and(dumb though it may seem) invisibility
Looks: tall slender, long straight black hair, green eyes, pale compared to hair.
Fears: spiders

Chapter 1


Pant, pant.
Come on, keep running! I thought to myself. I was so close...there! Right there, I could see the break in the trees. I forced myself to run harder, even though my legs were screaming for a break, just as I heard the most chilling sound I can imagine-a wolf's hunting howl, the kind that meant it's caught my scent.
Erasers, I thought, and my heart froze for the barest fraction of a second as a gut-wrenching terror ripped through me-then it galloped like a jackrabbit, and I was sprinting to the clearing, loosening my wings slightly as I went, preparing for take-off.
The instant I was clear of the trees, I snapped my wings out and jumped-and went up, up, up. The only thing supporting me now was my wings, my beautiful wings that were white peppered with brownish flecks.
I flapped, and rose faster, zooming away, breathing in the wonderfully cool, clean air. My nose was free for once of the sting of anisthetic, and I was soaring away from my he!!hole prison, free without the fear or Erasers shooting me down(yes, I said shooting, and yes, I mean that literally; they shot at me until I landed, then forced me into that wretched crate).
I was zooming along and after a few minutes, I spun around so I was hovering, facing them, and I stuck my tongue out. So mature, right? But I couldn't resist. Then I laughed and turned around, zipping along-directly into a tree.
"(insert swearword of your choice here)!" I shrieked as I dropped a few feet. Come on-I mean, I'm dead klutzy on my feet, but usually I was graceful in the air. I'm not stupid-they actually educated me at the school. But I was known well for my klutziness-it made me a hazard.
In fact, they'd been preparing to experiment on me when I'd escaped, trying to fix me...
"All right Olive, honey, come on. You need to come out now." The scientist was peering in, the door wide open, while I cringed against the back wall, hissing at him.
"Get away from me!" I snarled, but my voice wasn't as venemous as I'd like. Instead, it was exactly the way I felt: dead tired, and extremely weary. I was dead tired because they'd been running me ragged, pushing me to the very limit, and I was close to snapping.
Jeb sighed. "Fine-be like that." He leaned back, and I saw my chance: I lunged forward, kicking the door with all my strength. Jeb yanked his hand back, howling with pain, as I burst out and jumped through the window. Immediately, alarms sounded, calling Erasers(who, in case you don't know, are wolf-kid mutants).
I extended my wings as I fell, softening the impact, and then I was running as fast as I could, my breath tearing in my lungs and my mind crystal-clear from the adrenaline-rush.
I was at the woods in a minute, and then I was pushing myself harder, desparate to get away. I ran in dead silence for maybe five minutes, alarms wailing behind me, the only sounds my ragged breathing, the soft impact of my feet as I ran, and the forest life around me. That was when I saw the light ahead and-well, you know what happened from there.
_________End Flashback
But now-I was free! I may have nowhere to go, but at least I was out of there! Anything was better than that place.
Actually...I had heard a couple of scientists discussing me the other day, while I had pretended to sleep. They'd been talking about some other mutants-avian kids, who had wings like me. They'd seemed especially interested in the leader, some guy named Max. Maximum Ride.

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