Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 7

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Chapter 1

Snowy roses and Draco's bed...

a loomig mansion seemed to rise out of the snow storm around me.its dark features and even darker windows seemed to glare down at me as the car pulled into the circular driveway.i opened the car door and didnt even notice as the snow hit my hair and skin sending shocks of cold through me.

draco grabbed my arm and hurried me under the roofs awning."dont just stand there you'll turn into a snowman"he teased but his voice was as cold as the snow that i just stepped out of.draco fumbled with the doorknob and opened the door slowly.

the room was amazing.the parlor was antique yet it had the slightest touch of modernness to it.elegant silver drapes and long velvet couches adorned only one room of the house."you live here?"i said awed.he didnt smile he just nodded.he led me the dining room and i noticed a man and woman sitting at the table.

the man looked to be midddle aged his hair almost as blonde as draco's.he was reading the newspaper .the moving black and white pictures ran across the front page.the woman seemed to be the same age as the man and her long white blond hair was tied up into a tight bun.both of their sharp hard eyes turned to us as draco cleared his throat.

"father,mother this is Anastasia"he said.the man stood and gave me a cruel smile.his stunning white teeth seemed to give him a predator like quality.i shrunk back from his hand as he pushed it forward for me to shake. Draco's hand pressed into my back pushing me forward.i took his cold hand in mine and shook it firmly.he held my hand in his as he said"nice to meet Lucius malfoy"he said warmly.but it did the opposite of warm me it sent cold sweeping through me.

the woman walked forward her long black dress brushing lightly across the ground.her face was kind but her eyes told another story.she took my trembling hand in hers."im Narcissa "she cooed.i pulled my hand shakily from hers."nice to meet you both"i said as strongly as i could.they both smiled that same snake like smile.

"Draco why dont you show her to your room?"she said.he nodded and led me up the long winding staircase.

the room was was old Victorian style.a four poster bed with satiny purple drapes,a bureau that was milky white that held a round mirror.a seat built into the wall sat under the only window.i let go of Draco's arm and went over to the seat brushing away the velvet pillows and opened the window.

the window overlooked a beautiful garden covered in white and red roses that gleamed faintly out of the snow that fell all around."my mother had a spell put on them so that they never die"he whispered next to me.the sweet scent of the enchanted roses rose softly into my room bathing it in the beautiful scent.i sighed deeply and closed the window.

"mother will want you down shortly for dinner so i advise you to be ready in time"he said curtly.i frowned at him.why was he acting like this?"what happened to the old Draco?the Draco who used to slip out of the common room with me at midnight?"i asked.he looked away and then walked to the door."i dont know"he whispered before shutting the door.


i had dressed in the stunning green hair fanned around my shoulders and the green velvet clothe of the dress sent shimmers down its length every time i moved.i smiled at my reflection in the mirror and hurried down stairs.the grand dining room was silent when i walked in except for the faint sound of music drifting in from the parlor.

Draco sat silently staring blankly at the wall when i walked in.Narcissa stared at e intently."why you look positively gorgeous"she said.i blushed and said"thank you".she smiled and i took my seat next to Draco.i noticed he was picking at his dinner not really eating it. Lucius noticed also.he glared at his son.

"Draco why arent you eating?"he asked. Draco looked up."im sorry father im not feeling very goo"he whispered.i looked closely at his face.his pale skin had gone even paler and had a gray tint to it.his gray eyes were dark and dark bags lay under his eyes.his hand shook as he picked up his fork. Lucius watched him and then looked away deep in thought.

panic gripped my heart in its clutches.what was wrong with Draco? the music stopped and the only sound in the dining room was the sound of silver ware. Draco's chair screeched across the floor.everyones head snapped up to him.he looked horrible."can you excuse me?"he said hurried up the stairs.

Lucius made a movement to stand anger clearly written on his face.Narcissa grabbed his arm and he sat back down as i stood."i'll go"i said and followed after Draco up the stairs.his door was locked and closed shut.i pounded on it and there was no answer from inside except silence."Draco?!"i said my voice rising with panic.

******************** Draco's P.O.V

i couldn't face could i?i was going to hurt her beyond repair.she would never forgive me and i just couldn't get any closer to her.the dark lord is going to be using her powers tonight.he says she has the ability to see in her dreams the future and where things are hidden .he is going to enter her dreams tonight and i have no idea the effect it will have on her.i shuddered at the thought of him entering her head with his slithering sneaky mind.

her fist pounded on the door and i tried my best to ignore it then her voice became panicked and i realized she really cared about me.i sat up slowly and tiredly.i hadn't gotten sleep in a while.i walked over to the door and opened it.

she stood there her hand still raised as if she was going to knock again.tears brimmed her eyes.she watched me then slowly lowered her hand.her pale fingers clenched at her sides.i watched her dig her nails into her palms.a scarlet drop of blood rolled across her palm and dropped onto the floor.i couldn't stand to see it.i grabbed her hand and loosened her fingers.

she walked towards me and buried her face in my chest."why Draco?"she said sadly."why are you being like this?"she said almost angrily.i pulled away from her and sat on the bed.i lay my head in my hands.staring down at the carpet under my feet everything seemed to almost be normal.i expected to hear my father and mother reading in the parlor the sounds of their glasses clinking as they drank their wine.

now its silent downstairs and everything is far from normal.she came and sat next to me.her sweet fragrance drifting towards me as if on a invisible breeze.i looked up at her troubled face.her green eyes were full of hurt.i brushed away a strand of her hair out of her face and she smiled weakly but i knew i was hurting her just as much as i would.

i didn't wait for permission i just leaned forward and kissed her pushing her lightly down on the bed.

******************* Anastasia's P.O.V

confused for a second i didn't respond.then i deepened the kiss.he propped himself on his elbows looking down at me.our bodies were pressed together and the sun had sunk behind the clouds now only the golden streak across the sky a reminder of its presence.his breathing was shallow and ragged.i knew he felt the same way about me because his heart pounded through his chest to mine.

he leaned forward kissing me again.this time it was soft and sweet.his lips lingered lightly on mine and he started to pull off his dress had hitched up my thigh showing the bare skin that lay there and i watched Draco eye it.

i tugged at the dress and pulled it over my head.the cool air of the room seemed to caress my feverish skin.dracos hand lingered on my side and his lips traced down my jaw.i sucked in a quick breath and traced his spine.a shiver ran through him.

now the only light in the room was the shaft of moonlight that arced through the window turned scarlet by the drapes. Draco pressed me into the bed and his scent enveloped me.knowing none would intrude on this moment i finally felt like i wanted all of him.our skin touching brought fiery sparks coursing through me that tickled my nerves.

"Draco.."i whispered into the dark.he lifted his lips from my collarbone."yes?"he voice was uneven but i got out"do you really?"i asked nervously.i felt his silent laugh shake his sent sensations through my body hard to explain."i want you Anastasia and only you forever"he whispered....TBC


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