who will you marry(part 59)

Chapter 1


He takes you outside to a clearing with a bag in his hand, you stare at the bag beginning to wonder what’s in the bag. Without warning he dumps the contents of the bag before you, which turns out to be the pieces of your father’s sword that was broken during the fight when you entered Anthony’s mind. It time for your final test he whispers, but you will need a proper sword.

That sword is obliviously useless are you going to fix it? You say, he watches you for a second before saying I do believe I told you no questions as u flinch slightly at his tone. Seeing ur reaction he continues saying step back drawing a circle around the pile, Whatever happens don’t interrupt. Nodding to him you watch him as he begins pacing around the circle he goes one way then the other whispering words too low for you to understand, as you felt the power coming from him and the area around you seems to sift. as he falls to his knees, losing control as his eyes begin to roll back as the sifting becomes more intense and the pile begins to glow white hot. With one final burst he falls to the floor and lays motionless barely breathing, with a whole sword in the circle as shiny as when you first got it. But your more concerned with Dante as you kneel beside him, helping him sit up as you as he smiled up at you as if to say thank you. He actually smiled at you causing at you to smile as he wordlessly touches your cheek as you close your eyes enjoying the sensation of his touch.

Just like that the moment is over as he hands you the sword as he smiles at you. He draws his sword as he moves toward you and strikes at you saying so did u enjoy your time here?, you put your blade up in perfect time while dodging almost instinctively, tilting your head slightly why ask are you going to miss me? Moving forward again closing the distance between u he strikes harder this time pushing the blade toward you. and if I did? He grins at you looking you in the eyes, you smirked pushing his sword back darting away. “I would have to say…” you say striking at him quickly before moving back, your going to have to do better than that Dante growls playfully at you. “God, he is so cute”, you think as you cant help to look into his eyes. You barely get your blade up in time realizing that you haven’t been concentrating as you backtrack realizing your mistake, but its to late as your barely keeping up with the blows. Backed up against the tree pushing the blade against yours in his lips within inches of yours, he whispers you never answered my question.

Your heart seems to beat faster as you looked into his eyes and you saw the longing and desire in his eyes, that nearly mirrored your own. I would have to say that I will truly miss u 2 dante, you say breathlessly as he leans forward a little as if to kiss you. All the sudden he stiffens as if struck pushing you away angrily, saying get your stuff together your going home. What? Why ? I thought.. You sputter angrily. He turns coldly on you hissing,” I told you no questions!!”. Fine!! You shout angrily if that’s the way you want it then so be it tears streaming down your cheeks as heart begins breaking in way you never thought It could, how could I been so foolish you think as tears continue to flow even as he put on your blindfold, took u home to your friends and left u upon your bed with ur broken heart.


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