who will you marry?(part 57)

Chapter 1


You feel ur conscious begin to come back to u slowly as you feel the warmth of a blanket wrapped around you, but it wasn’t the soft silk blanket that was on your bed at home it feels more cottony like a old fashioned quilt. You open yours eyes that seemed to be caked over with sleep. Looking down you see your right wrist is heavily bandaged, as is your ankle. Your ribs feel sore as you try to take a breath and sit up, and it takes you a minute but you realize on top of everything your just in your underwear and your dress is nowhere to be seen. I got to find some clothes and get out of here, the guys are probably worried sick about you. Tossing back the blanket your body feels sore as if you slept for a week, sliding your legs over the edge of the bed you put feet on the ground and attempt to stand. You realize to late that was a big mistake as you wobble as pain radiates from ankle as you realize it cant hold u up and you fall forward trying your brace yourself with ur hands. You hit the floor and your body blossoms in pain as you bite your bottom lip trying not to cry out as you try to crawl toward the door, I have to get… out…. Of.. Here… as you stop trying to catch ur breathe as you look down at wrist as you see its red and u realize you opened your wound again as blackness edges into your vision as the world around you seem to spin as you cant help but stare at the wound. You don’t even notice as he comes in the room and you hear him curse loudly as you look up and you see a guy, he looks familiar you think as you try to place who this is, as you see him place a tray down hastily and scoop you up gently, you have little energy to protest as he places you back on the bed before hurrying away grabbing a bowl of warm water, towel and clean bandages.

Memories swim through your mind as he smiles slightly as he deftly cuts away the bandage from your wrist watching you for any sign of pain as you see his eyes trail down ur body causing ur cheeks to turn slightly pink as you realize how venerable you are right now. Finally finding ur voice you say, who are you?, he pauses in the middle of cleaning the wound for a second with the towel. Smirking even more he says im surprised you have forgotten me so easily after I saved you from that monster, before continuing to examine the wound wrapping it gingerly. Monster, you think as you try focus and remember what happened before you came here, it comes back slowly in pits and pieces. …A guy with dark wings standing over Shawn’s body…, … smile you should leave…., ….sweet angel…, it hazy but it was him the same guy who told you to leave when you came to rescue Shawn, the same guy who was in the same room with you when had the dream. Pulling your hand away you smile saying u mean from the castle, from my friend, where are my friends? You say as your mind becomes clearer as you try to sit up only to be gently but firmly pushed down on the bed, good he says your memory is intact so no serious damage.

But you need to rest your injures were pretty severe, no you don’t understand you protest no offense but I dnt know your name and for all I know you maybe working for Vince and I can rest when I get home. He laughs at you saying ur pretty bold for someone who cant even make it to the door, but your free to go if you can make it to the door. Then sitting down on the edge of the bed he watches you as you stand carefully using the edge of the bed breathing okay I got to let go and make it to the door. Leting go you stumble a nearly fall only to be caught the mystery man. Growling angrily you realize you can barely walk let alone stand, sitting down you say what do you plan to do with me? He grins even more saying your very smart for not trusting someone you don’t know, but I assure u that I, gently handing u a shirt and jeans looking you in the eyes would never intentionally hurt some one as lovely as you. My name Dante he says tilting his head slightly as he watches you get dressed. So will you take me home now? You say quickly feeling a little better, I would love to but to tell the truth I saw u fight ur friend and he tore through some ligaments and I doubt your sword arm is going any use, your lying you shriek. Why would lie about something like that? He says as if insulted, but if u insist I’ll prove it to you he says as His eyes narrow angrily and he marches away, then comes back holding a sword.

which he hands to you and says he says if ur so sure turn the blade.You held the sword but try as you might your muscle wont work, and you start to cry hurling the sword away not sure what u going to do, if u cant rotate your wrist how are u going to defend urself. Seeing u cry instead of comforting you he says enough of ur whining, if u let me even though i cant guarantee that it will be the same as before I can help u to get ur arm back to be able to function but you must do exactly what I say with no questions, and plus his eyes becoming softer sitting down next to you taking one of his hands in yours, id like to train you, cuz as much as I like saving u I cant be there all the time and it would be a shame for anything to happen to some as lovely as you as he touch your cheek. If u allow me that I promise I will take you home. Do we have a deal? He looks at you with a fierceness youve never seen beforeand you realize you have no choice as you agree. even though he seems genuine in his desire to help you but you cant shake the feeling that there is more to this guy than he is telling you.

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