HIM?? (a justin bieber love story)

HIM?? (a justin bieber love story)

this is my first story so enjoy it.
Jessica Miles: long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, 15
Haley Hentrich: long brown hair, hazel eyes, 16
Justin Bieber: you know :)

Chapter 1

one monthtill school, ya :(

by: JMags_143
Hey, my name is Jessica. And I am 15 years old. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am starting school in a month, so one month till school, yah:(. But at least I have my BFF, Haley Hentrich. I've known her my whole life. She is older than me but who cares. Her brother Josh(aka:jucie) is in my class. And he is cute. I know your probably wondering who my boyfriend is. But I dont have one. Well, because I just broke up with my exboyfriend, Trevor. I dont want to talk about it. Well, as I was saying. Haley an I dont like all the same things. Yeah, she is IN LOVE with.....Justin Bieber. Woo hoo. I really DONT like him. I think he is a player and a priss. But I do like his songs. Well, enough of that lets start the story.

Its the end of July and I was at my house, when I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it to see Haley with the biggest smile on her face. "Hey, Haley." I said as Haley ran in the house jumping up and down.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as I shut the door.
"Whats up." I said looking at crazingly. "JESSICA, JESSICA, JESSICA, guess what?!?!" she yelled still jumping. "What?" I asked. "I...GOT..FRONT ROW TICKETS TO......." " Who?" "JUSTIN BIEBER!" she yelled. As my smile turned into a frown.

"Let me guess, I have to go." I said. "Yeah, your my best friend of course you have to go..... please." she said witha puppy dog face. "When is it?" "Next week." "Well........... ok, I'll go." "AHHHHHHH, your the best Jessica." she said as she gave me a hug almost knocking me over. " Your welcome." I said."We have to go shopping for the perfect outfits." she said pulling me out the door to her car.(she can drive but i cant. you know im 15 shes 16.duh) I got in the car and we turned up 'On The Floor' by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull.

When we got to the mall, we started at Clarie's to look for some jewelery. Then we went to Areopostale and got some awesome jeans, mine were dark Silvers and Haleys were light skinnys. Then we were just walking around the mall when I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I jumped and turned around to see.....................Trevor and his dumb friends. "Hey, hot stuff." he said putting his arms around my waist, I quickly moved his arms and said, "Dont call me that and leave me alone." "Ohhhhhh, playing hard to get, ah tower." he said to me witha smirk on his face( all my friends call me tower because im taller than all of them). " Only ny friends call me tower and your not, so bye." I said as I grabbed Haleys arm and started to walk away. "I will get you someday and who ever your with will pay, and you will to.' Trevor yelled at me. But I ignored it.

"Ugggggghhhhh... I hate him.' Haley said annoyed. ' I know thats why I broke up with him remember.... wait nevermind I dont want to talk about it." i said as memories built up in my mind but i shook my head to get the thought away. After than we went into Hollister to get some cool shirts. I got a blue wavy one shoulder shirt and Haley got a purple wavy both shoulder with sequince on it. Then we went to famous footwear and got the coolest high heels EVER!

Now it was like 5:30 so we called our moms and said we were going to eat at the mall and said we would be home later. We started to walk to the food court when my phone started beeping. So I pulled out my phone and the screen said:'new text from Josh' I looked at Haley who wasnt looking at me so I clicked on the screen and the text read:
~~Text Convo~~
Josh: hey tower whats up
Jessica: nothing at the mall w/ your sis
Josh: Haley or Dani (he has 2 sisters Haley & Danielle)
Jessica: duh Haley
Josh: well :o
Jessica:lol what are u doing
Josh: playing xbox w/ nick & kodi
Jessica: well nice talking to u I gtg i'll see u l8ter
Josh: k ttyl
~end of convo~

so I put my phone away and went to get in line with Haley at Taco Bell. After we left the mall we went over to Haleys house and I was going to stay over night. We got into our Pjs and started a movie. We decided on The Hangover.
~~The Next Week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sorry if it was boring i couldnt think of anything so the next chapter will be better oh and messege me if you want to be in my story and friend me

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