Only Fools Fall In Love (A Love Story)

This is my first story and I'm open for any suggestions. I am writing this story as I go so the plot might change a bit. (Sorry this isn't a FanFic) Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Love? Who needs it?!

Name: Alana Marshal
Hair: Dirty Blonde, shoulder length, wavy
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4"


I look out the window of the airplane and see big fluffy clouds floating in the air without a care in the world. I used to enjoy sitting in the soft grass looking up at them with my twin brother ,Steven. We would imagine the clouds as big pillows that would hold the angels in the sky.

Looking back I realize how stupid and unrealistic it sounded ,but Steven always had a great imagination. He would sometimes stay up all night writing fictional stories and poems. Me on the other hand only had a mind for reading. I don't have a single creative bone in me body so it was no wonder I would always go along with anything Steven came up with.

We were best friends ,but that all ended one summer afternoon...

We were driving home on night after an amazing party and celebrating Steven's new license when a deer ran in front of our car. Steven swerved and avoided the deer. Unfortunately, a semi was behind us and couldn't stop in time.

Steven was killed on impact. He was only 16 years old.

I walked away with only a few bruises and scratches ,but my heart was broken passed repair. For weeks I had nightmares so vivid you would think they were real. I can still remember the look on Steven's face before the semi collided with our small Ford. The face that used to bring me joy and comfort now haunted my mind.

I was diagnosed with depression a month after the accident. My other half that has been there since before I was born was gone.I didn't see any reason to live anymore.

And that is why I am currently on this god-forsaken plane bound for London. I was being sent away to my grandmother's for my Junior year of high school. My parents felt that I needed to get away from everything that reminded me of Steven ,but what they didn't know is that EVERYTHING reminded me of Steven.

I wiped a stray tear from my eyes as I looked around at the people on board the plane. I spotted a young couple across the aisle. The girl was practically in the guys lap and they couldn't go two seconds without kissing each other. I rolled my eyes as a flight attendant walked by. She smiled a toothy smile at me.

"Isn't love a wonderful thing?" she said grinning from ear to ear. I assumed it was a rhetorical question considering she left without waiting for a response.

Love. pffft! What a silly word?! Only fools fall in love....


Sorry it isn't much of a love story quite yet ,but hey ya gotta start some where! ;) Please comment and tell me what you think. I will try to write more ASAP!

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