Harry Potter and Whatever You Would Have Prefered To Happened In The Book

Well, I know lots of people have issues with some of the Harry Potter Series, so write what you think should have happened! Have fun, and be nice.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-Voldemort Finds A Friend

by: Jachie
Voldemort was walking around, kicking stones, killing innocent Muggles, and feeling glum. He wanted a friend. Suddenly a boy jumped in front of him. "Oi! Watch it!" he shouted. The boy trurned around. It was Harry Potter. He looked really scared. "Oh God, OH GOD!" he sprinted away while Voldemort tried to hex him. "I have seen your heart, and it is MINE!" Then Harry stopped. "Dude, this is the eighth book, not the seventh. That's supposed to be for Ron. Get it right!" "Ugh, I'm so STUPID! I always forget the lines!" "Well I suppose your gonna get fired. Where are we going to find a new Voldemort three months befor the movie comes out?" "CUT!" the director shouted. "Cut, cut, cut! Take five!" Harry tore off his glasses, and, now Daniel Radcliffe, stalked off. Voldemort ran after him. "Daniel, I'm sorry!" "No, your not! This always happens!" "Well, maybe your not helping!" "Well maybe I have no friends here! "Well JOIN THE CLUB!!!" There was silence. "Voldemort?" "What now, Mr. Friendless?" "Well, sorry I lost my temper. Its just that when I forget lines, Rupert and Emma kill me. I guess it rubbed off of me. Sorry." "Yeah, sure." "Really!" "Sure." "I was gonna be your friend, but now I'm not!" "Friends?" "I, I guess!" "Well, ok!" "Fine." "Good." "Now leave me alone." "Sure thing..." Voldemort walked away. "....Friend."


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