A bunch of scary stories

these are from school and what not so enjoy people

Chapter 1

Ghosts coming

One day a little girl by the age of 14 called Melissa, I had got to stay home by herself, for her parents went out. She had a pet dog by the name of Lucky. Her Parents told her don't worry if you get scared just go to lucky. Lucky would bark 1 if he was happy, Lucky would 2 if he wanted attension, Lucky barked 3 times if there was trouble. So that night she went to bed. She woke up and heard a drip drip drip. She went to her bathroom and tightened the tap. Later on she woke up by the Sound of Lucky barking once. and heard drip drip drip so she went to the kitchen and tightened the tap. She woke by the Lucky who Barked 2 times. So she went back to her bathroom and tightened her tap again. She woke up again that night by the sound of her dog barking 3 times she heard drip drip drip but it was louder then usal s she went to her parents bathroom and opened the shower. She saw her dogs head where the water came out and the body on the floor she turned around and looked in the mirror and it said written in blood dogs aren't the only ones that can bark, Melissa was so scared that she called her parents but turns out they pretened to go out and was in bed she ran to the room of her parents once more and tried to wake the up but she turned them both over and the were cut and torn to pieces. Melissa could never go to sleep again

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