April 15 DOS (day of silence)

April 15 DOS (day of silence)

Chapter 1

D.O.S (day of silence)

Every year on April 15th there is something called "The Day of Silence" Some of you may have heard of it, other may not have. Well the DOS represents the anti lesbian gay transgeder bisexual bullying and the allies of those who are apposed to that discrimination. Every day, if you know it or not, someone is a victim of LGBT bullying and or harassment, And sadly, some of them may be so confused and hurt by what was said to them, May take their own lives, and in a worse case, they can be murdered for being the way they are.
Sounds stupid right? Well you have heard about it on the news im sure, Remember Lawrance King? He was 15 years old, and wore makeup and he had painted nails, and he was openly gay seeing nothing wrong (And of course there isnt). One day in class Lawrance was shot in the head by a fellow classmate, BECAUSE he was gay. Lawrance was declared officially brain dead on Feburay 13th, 2008.



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