A Sesshomaru Love story

A Sesshomaru Love story

Okay first off I LOVE Sessho-kun. That's why I'm writing this story. Honestly though it's somewhat based on how my life is and how I want it to turn out. It all started with a dream, a dream that I've had many times in the past and will have again many more times in the future to come... and of course Sesshomaru will be in it!!!

Chapter 1

The Dream

I lie down and hold my pillow close. I know it's going to happen again, that dream would come back to me. I knew I couldn't controle it. I'd tried nearly everything from reading my text books before bed so my head would be full of equations instead of his face. But still the dream came every night. It's not a bad dream, not at all. I love this dream more than anything in my life currently...but still it had it's thorns too. The worst thing about it was that I knew I'd be waking up in a few moments in his arms, and then falling asleep in them again, just to wake up here in this world, cold, alone, and feeling like the most important thing had just been ripped away from me causing everything else to shatter into a million peices. I'm able to forget from time to time, but it always comes back. The only consulation is that he promises he's looking for me, I really hope he's not some sort of figment of my imagination, or that I'm going crazy or anything like that but I feel like it's true, I NEED to believe that it is. With this thought I closed my eyes and drifted into the darkness of sleep.
The sounds are what I hear first, the swishing of water from the lake, the breeze blowing through trees, and the gentle sound of a forest at night. Next came the smells, the slight hint of cherry blossoms, the freshness of a mountain lake, carried on the wind, and then the tang of spearamint and a somewhat earthy tone as I was embraced by muscular arms. Everything was so comfortable, warm, peacefull... It was perfection really. I didn't want it to end, but I wanted to see his face. So I opened my eyes to the cool light of a forever present full moon and stared at him, his high cheek bones, his long silver tail, his slightly pointed ears, smooth porcelin skin...truely I have no idea what could have made me dream up something so beautiful, let alone to be able to desearve to lie next to him even if it is just a dream... as I was thinking this his eyes shot open and stared holes into me with their pearcing golden yellow gaze. "You need to quit thinking that." he said in his wonderful deep voice, that for some reason reminded me of those big bells you can find only in really old curches. "I'm yours and nothing can or ever will change that." he gently removed my hair from my face pushing it behind my ear and kissed me with his soft coral pink lips. "So you can read minds now?" I teased. It was wired to know that if I saw a boy half as good looking as him I'd be afraid to even say hi, and talking, flirting and even touching him came so natural. "Not at all, just body language..." He said smiling at me, "Then what is my body language saying now?" I asked. His eyes sparkled dangerously, mischeiviously. "Kiss me again." and he did, it was long, and hard. My hands atomatically found the back of his head and went into his hair and his hands found my waist and pulled me closer. "Wait! Not yet. I want to really feel it. I want to really be with you!" He said, after we broke the kiss and I hadn't let go. I gasped, holding him not only because I wanted more, but also because I didn't want to lose any of the feelings he gives me. He sat up and put me on his lap, I could feel him twitching and I new how hard it was for him to control himself. But it was something we'd agreed on very early in these nightly encounters. I slowly released my grasp of his hair and moved my arms to his shoulders. He pulled my chin up so I'd have to look into his eyes. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that." he said senserly. "No, it's okay. I should have been able to control myself more." "Not at all! I love it when you do that! You shouldn't stop ever!" here his pants gave a particularly strong thrust. "Perhaps you'd like to join me for a swim?" he asked, his pale cheeks slowly turning the same shade of the cherry blossom petals that the wind blew around us. "Sounds like a wonderful idea." I replied.......and on went the dream, we swam, dried off, talked, walked around the lake hand in hand... and finaly went back to our comfortable bed of moss and sweet smelling flowers. Within a minute of lieing down, I was yawning in his arms, "I love you Lark." I whispered. "I love yo too Drakona." I began to drift off happily, contentedly. "I'll find you, I heard him whisper as everything went dark, "I'll find you very soon, so please wait for me."
I replied through yawns and the fog of sleep, "I'll wait forever."
Sunlight, bright and intrusive interupted my bliss, as it did every morning. And then the cold lonely feeling rushed in and I snuggled deeper into the nest of blankets I'd made. I closed my eyes , trying to remember every detail I'd noticed about Lark that night and was very pleased that his face popped willingly into my head, and I dozed off a little in a state of calm.

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