Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

I decided to make a black butler story bcuz, well... i just finished it and... well... i kinda... cried. ALMOST anyway, i was writing a story and when i was done, i realized it went along with the plot of Kuroshitsuji.
Name: Ceil has to name you. or u can just put ur name in here instead.
looks: black hair, green eyes, an inch or two shorter than Sebastian. the picture but wit green eyes
Race: demon like Sebastian.
friends: other workers.
who u like: u will have to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I'm outside the mansion gates when they open. It takes me a half an hour to make it to the doors. Should I knock? Then, the doors opened and there stood Sebastian, the butler. "Hello, Sebastian. How are you today?"
"The master is waiting for you." He turned around and left. Halfway to the masters "office", Sebastian said, "And I'm doing fine." He stopped and hugged me. He let go and smiled. I returned the smile and continued to follow him. We stopped at the door and then Sebastian knocked.
"Come in." I herd a voice say. We walked in and there stood the master, Ciel. "Please, take a seat." I sat in the open chair and listened. "Why are you here?"
"I have been a maid here for a long time. Before the house burned down. Ask Sebastian, he can tell you."
"OK. And one thing. What is your name?"
"It's whatever you want to name me."
"Your name can be... Emerald. For your green eyes."
"I'll start work right away, sir."
"Go and see Sebastian. He'll tell you what to do."
"Yes, sir." I got up and left. I found Sebastian in the kitchen. When I walked in, he looked at me. "Anything I can do?"
"No. Not really."
"Oh." He continued to look at me.
"You need to wear the outfit."
"Oh! Sorry I forgot." I hurried to my room and put on my outfit. I was back in an instant. When I walked in, I asked what every girl tends to ask while in a dress, "Do I look fat in this?" He moved his head and looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. "What?" He just continued to look at me. "Well, if you hate it so much-"
"No. It actually... looks... good..... on you."
"Thanks. Anything I can do to help?"
"Ummm... not really."
"Oh." I looked at him and he was still looking at me. Our eyes met. I looked away. What am I doing?! We aren't supposed to show our emotions!! Sebastian came towards me and I looked up. Why is he smiling!!
"You are turning as red as a lobster."
"What?!" Was I blushing!? I put my head down and moved a few inches away from him. All of a sudden, I felt a hand lift my chin. I saw Sebastian's eyes. Then, we both herd a ring.
"Time for me to go." And he left.
**Sebastian's P.O.V**
Her face was turning as red as a lobster. I lifted her chin and stared into her green eyes. She's good at keeping her eyes blank. Eyes tell alot about a person. But she can't keep her outside emotions hidden. Then, I herd the bell. "Time for me to go." I went to the masters "office" and I knocked. I opened the door and Ciel asked me a question.
"Sebastian, what time is our guest going to be here?"
"In two hours, sir." I served him tea. He dismissed me and when I was near the kitchen, I herd a loud bang. I looked into the kitchen and saw the whole place was destroyed. "Clean this up." I ordered the chief, Bard. I walked to get the table accessories when I herd another bang. I saw Maylene on the floor and the accessories (plates, cups, spoons, forks, knifes, etc.) on the floor broken. She was rambling on about how sorry she was. We only have alittle over two hours before the guest arrives. What to do? Then, I saw Finnian, the gardener. I told them how they should be like Tanaka, when I saw it. "Listen to me and do as I say..."
**Ur P.O.V**
I was in another room when I herd the two bangs. Great. Sebastian got a crappy cook, maid, and gardener. This should be interesting... I finished with that room and moved on to another room when the young master saw me. He continued to stare at me. I fastened my step to the next room and closed the door. I continued until the end of the day. Sebastian came through the door and I thought I herd him say something about the oven.

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