I Hate the Prankster, But I secretly love him too (George Weasley Love Story)

I Hate the Prankster, But I secretly love him too (George Weasley Love Story)

Hey guys, this is my new group story with my friend Mukend! So make sure you guys comment, rate and check out Mukend's stories, she's a great writer! Hope you guys enjoy! Your name is Mayflower Link (May) and you're friends are Fred, Seamus, Neville, and Dean . Your parents disappeared when you were a baby and left you in the care of Seamus's parents. A Gryffindor and in 5th year, while George and Fred are in 6th. You despise George but what happens when fate turns your hate to love?

Chapter 1


2nd Year

I sighed, hitching the strap of my duffel bag higher up my shoulder, and switching the handle of my luggage to my other hand. I looked behind me and saw Seamus was about 50ft behind me. "Seamus! Hurry up!" I yelled over the noise of people talking into cell phones and feet running to catch up to their train.

"I'm coming! Why are you in a rush anyways?" Seamus asked curiously, rushing to catch up. "I want to find a compartment with you Fred,Dean and Neville." I answered before looking up to see the brick wall, Platform 9 3/4, leading towards the 'Hogwarts Express'. Seamus stood beside me, his hands on his knees, panting. "You ready?" I asked cheerfully, smiling. He looked up and smiled back, before standing up straight. "Totally." He replied before grabbing my hand as we both stepped through the wall.

"Fred!" I screamed running towards him, jumping into his open arms. "May! I missed you!" Fred said happily, hugging me. I laughed gleefully, before Fred let go of me, and tugged me and Seamus towards his compartment. Inside I saw Neville, Dean and George all sitting down chatting about what they did this summer. But they all looked up in unison when I walked in, "May!" they chorused smiling. "Hey guys!" I said sitting down pulling Fred and Seamus down with me. "How was your summer?" George asked intently. I stared at Seamus, smiling. "It was fun. All summer me and Seamus either practiced Quidditch, went swimming, or ate food!" I said. The boys laughed and Seamus nodded.

"Anything from the trolley?" A old woman cried, pushing a cart of treats down the aisle. I stood up and opened the door to the compartment and waved my hand. The woman saw me and smiled, before pushing the cart towards me.
"I'll have a chocolate frog." I said, handing her 4 Sickle's. She nodded her head and kept on rolling her cart. I turned around and went back inside the compartment and opened my chocolate frog carefully. It jumped out and landed on George's head, causing me to laugh. He rolled his eyes upwards and clamped a hand on his head, attempting to catch the frog, but it nimbly jumped out right into my lap. I grabbed it with one hand while taking out the card from inside. I raised my hand and saw a picture of Dumbledore smiling before it evaporated into thin air. I took a bite of my chocolate frog and stood up to change into my robes.

At Hogwarts

As Dumbledore began to welcome the first years and all the rest of us back to Hogwarts, me, Seamus, Fred, George decided to just dig into our food. As I chewed my chicken I saw that George was avoiding my gaze. I glanced at him curiously as I reached for my tea. Yes, tea. As I took a sip George looked up and a devilish grin grew on his face. Uh oh I thought as I put the drink down. I swallowed the drink and found that it tasted different, had a hint of some kind of fruit, but I couldn't put a finger as to what it was.

Soon after I drank all my tea, my head started pounding. I got up, stumbling, and excused myself. Seamus stood up too, worried, but I waved him away. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom and he abruptly sat back down. I walked out, trying to look normal, but as soon as I heard the doors shut behind me I slid down a wall holding my stomach. I felt horrible, my head was hurting, my stomach was rumbling, I was sweating, and everything was getting blurrier and blurrier. I fell onto my side and blinked slowly, trying to clear my mind. Everything became fuzzy, and as I blinked one more time, I was surronded by darkness.


Hope you guys liked it!! First time writing a HP story so please comment and rate! Can't wait for the next chapter by Mukend! :)<3
~cici18roxursox, cici :D

P.S Dont u love my pic? xP ♥♥♥♥George♥♥♥♥

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