I Hate the Prankster, But I secretly love him too (George Weasley Love Story)

I Hate the Prankster, But I secretly love him too (George Weasley Love Story)

Hey guys, this is my new group story with my friend Mukend! So make sure you guys comment, rate and check out Mukend's stories, she's a great writer! Hope you guys enjoy! Your name is Mayflower Link (May) and you're friends are Fred, Seamus, Neville, and Dean . Your parents disappeared when you were a baby and left you in the care of Seamus's parents. A Gryffindor and in 5th year, while George and Fred are in 6th. You despise George but what happens when fate turns your hate to love?

Chapter 2

3 years later

I woke up in the hospital wing. I groaned and held my head. It was still pounding 
"may!!" someone yelled and I was pulled into a hug. They pulled back and I saw it was George "your ok" he said whipping his face on the back of his hand. 
"what happened?" I sat up straight and George looked down at the sheets 
"we don't know. Hoping you would tell us when you woke up. You've been out for a day" George mumbled and I felt a bit dizzy 
"a day?" I said and he nodded "what did you put in my drink? I know you did George, I saw you grinning, what was it?" he sifted uncomfortably in his seat and ran his hands down his tie a few times 
"just a bit of....pumpkin" my eyes widened and I swung my legs out of the bed 
"pumpkin?! George in allergic to pumpkin!" I stood up over him "didn't you ever wonder why I never eat pumpkin and always drink tea instead of pumpkin juice?!" he stood up to and towered over me, wow he had grown allot over the summer 
"I just thought you didn't like it!" he said and I felt a surge of anger 
"you never listen to me! You don't know me at all! I hate you! I could have died from your little joke! Friendship over!!" I shouted and stomped my foot in finalization "get out!" he looked like he wanted to protest but kept his mouth shut and left. I broke out crying and fell backwards onto the bed. I hate him! I hate him! I will never forgive him!

3 years later
"oh my god Seamus! Your so slow! Hurry up!" I yelled back at Seamus who was slowly making his way to platform 9 3/4. 
"I'm hurrying!" he finally reached me and we whet through the barrier together. We boarded the train and Seamus pulled me into a compartment "hey dean Neville" Seamus said sitting down and waving. I turned to see to a very different looking Neville and a much more buff dean
"wow Neville! When did you get so hot? And dean...have you all ways been this buff?" I said making Neville blush and dean wink. I ruffled Neville's hair and sat down next to him. We all talked about our summers when Fred and George barged in. They closed the blinds and peaked through one of the cracks between the door and the frame 
"what are you doing?" dean asked the twins who jumped a little 
"wet start fireworks" Fred said
"Ron after us" George said quickly and they both shushed us. They finally calmed down and greeted the boys. 
"hi Fred" I said hugging him "weasley" I said glaring at George 
"mayflower" he replied with a grin "long time no see" he said with a wink and I pushed my wand to his chest, springing to my feet
"your still not forgiven so hands off and eyes off if you can help it" I snarled and his grin turned into a frown
"that was three years ago! Can't you drop it-"
"no i cant drop it! I almost died-"
"I made a mistake-" we continued to argue over one another until feed stepped in and pushed us apart 
"can't you two be in the same room for two minutes without fighting?!" he yelled and I breathed heavily "your my twin and best friend and I'm sick of having to choose sides now shake hands and make up" he stepped back and George held out his hand. I took it in mine and he gave me a soft hand shake 
"I still don't forgive you" I whispered and sat back down. Neville patted my shoulder in an attempt to calm me down but it wasn't working "I'm going to go change into my robes" I said standing up and grabbing my shoulder bag. I walked towards the bathroom when I was shot with a jinx from behind, making me clutch my stomach. It was burning and the pain was piecing. I began to cry and pulled out my own wand, Turing to face my revenge

who is it?! Omg Omg Omg! I don't even know! Stay tuned for the next chapter and we'll find out together (::) cookie!....moving on

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