Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 6

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Chapter 1

A green dress and a snowy kiss.

when i awoke the next morning the room was dark and cold.the drapes were drawn over the windows and the cold seemed to seep into my bones from the walls.i shivered and Draco pulled me closer to him tightening his arm around me.heat flooded through me."better?"he asked.his lips pressed into my neck.

"very"i whispered.he nuzzled his face in my neck and i remembered last night.i remember running in here afraid and alone.i was crying and then i remembered why.that dream.its memory sent a cold dread through me.i whimpered and jumped off the bed quickly. Draco was looking at me confused."did i tell you about my dream last night?"i asked.he nodded.

i bit my lip.i shouldn't have told him of all people.but i was to blind with fear and shock."lets go to breakfast.everyones probably down already"i walked over to the window and threw open the drapes.the light blinded me for a moment and then confused i stared into the white world outside.then realization rose and i almost jumped with joy."its snowing"i said happily. Draco smiled.but i could see the hesitation and suspicion still lingering in his eyes.


we headed into the great hall and eyes watched us closely.i tightened my scarf around my neck afraid and nervous.what did the others think of me?the slight pressure of dracos hand on my back kept me going even as hermoine and harry's dissaproving eyes bored into me across the hall.

at the table blaise leaned across it into my face.he was talking to Draco but he was looking at me with hungry eyes."i heard someone crying in Draco's room last night. couldn't of been Draco he never cries"he said with sarcasm and added"and it sounded like a girl."i stiffened and Draco's hand caught mine under the table knowing i would not let this go by without consequences.

Draco turned to blaise his eyes on fire"hey zanbini why dont you stick your nose into someone else's business?"he said dryly.i grinned.blaise glared at Draco but sat back down.i couldn't help it i had to do something to this a/s/s/.i pulled my wand out of my pocket slowly so that Draco wouldn't notice.a flick of my wrist and blaise's cup of pumpkin juice spilled over the table right into his lap.

he jumped up and stared at his ruined shirt.i couldn't help it and i burst into laughter. Draco glanced at me from the corner of his eye amused.i smiled crookedly at him and stood. Draco fallowed me out of the great hall and into the corridor outside."lets go to hogsmeade"he said.i nodded excitedly and we ran through the castle together.


the snow fell softly around us.the road was full of students buying Christmas presents and i remembered how close it was to Christmas.the decorations in the store windows were bright and inviting.dracos arm was warm around me and i thought it couldn't get any better.

*****************dracos P.O.V

her black waves of hair bounced around her as she pulled me down the street.she looked at home in this winter wonderland like.every now and then i would catch the flash of those green eyes as she turned to me.her eye color reminded me of bright crisp forests full of life and energy.

i decided to buy her a dress.i planned on inviting her to my house for Christmas break and my mother no doubt wouldn't her showing up at the dinner table with her usual skinny jeans and sweater.i laughed silently at the thought of her eating dinner with mother and father dressed like i just pulled her off the street of Manhattan.i directed her towards a dress store.

"why are we going into a dress store Draco?"she asked in her singsong voice that always made my heart beat quicker."i was wondering if you would let me buy you a dress?"i asked.she seemed uncertain."but i dont you wasting your money on me"she said.i laughed."just come on you'll love the dresses in there.

i pushed her in the door and she automatically fell silent.dress after dress covered the store.she ran up to a metallic shimmering green was the same exact color of her eyes.that shocking green that made you take a double take every time you seen them.and yet i still dont know why i was doing this to could i betray something so wonderful.

a watched her bounce around as the shop assistant led her to a dressing room.after a few minutes she came out in the dress.i was looked gorgeous on her.the green fabric was tight around her waist outlining her beautiful form and the intricate jewel design that ran down and around the waist set her eyes aflame like ive never seen before.she smiled at my expression and did i twirl making the dress swirl around her like a velvet masterpiece.

***************************** Anastasia's P.O.V

after buying the dress me and Draco had left.the green dress was amazing in every way.but i was suspicious of why the dress was boughten."why did you buy it?"i asked Draco as i watched the sun dip behind the trees in front of us staining the sky with multicolored hues of gold and scarlet.

he fiddled with his silver and green scarf wound tightly around his neck."i wanted to ask you if you would spend your vacation at my house?"he said nervously.ha i madE malfoy nervous.i smirked.but then it fell away as i actually noticed what he said."oh ummmm......"i stared off into the trees clueless.he looked down disappointed.i should go with him.i could write a letter to my aunt and then leave with him.i mean i dont want to be a bother and i dont want to intrude on his parents but still....

"ill go"i said faintly.the wind seemed to grab my words throwing them into the forest around us. Draco turned to me his eyebrows raised."ill go"i repeated.his face lit up.then it shadowed.his eyes became pained."but i dont want to intrude..."he cut me off."you wont my parents will love you"he said trying to hide his sudden mood change.i glanced at him wearily from the corner of my eye.

suddenly he stopped and grabbed my hand in his.he tilted my chin up towards him.i stared into those deep gray eyes.they reminded me of swirling water under thick pieces of ice.they were full of pain and loss.hopelessness and anger.but also another emotion i couldn't pinpoint.he pulled me close to him and the bitter cold ceased to crawl up my spine.then he leaned forward and kissed me.

at first it was a kiss full of so many feelings i felt like i would suffocate in them.his lips were so soft and so warm against mine.his hand slid around my waist pulling me closer.the white snowy world around me seemed to melt away leaving us in our own world where nothing else mattered but our lips on each others and our bodies together.

he pulled away first.i searched his eyes but now they were a empty slate as if he had washed them of every emotion.i frowned and followed next to him through the bitter wind back to the castle.

******************Draco's P.O.V

the next morning the air was like a bitter knife that sliced coldly through the warmth of my robes and Anastasia would be coming home with me.the thought chilled me to the bone but the dark lord commanded it and he always get what he wants.i passed a group of first year who were bustling to the train.

they stopped when they noticed me.their faces went pale.i cast them a nasty look and passed does Anastasia love a monster like me?i couldn't comprehend it as i walked swiftly to the train.the snow nipped harder and harder around me and i could almost sense the biting blizzard that was closing in on the castle and area around it.


the train was almost full by the time i got on. i walked slowly down the isles looking for that familiar raven like hair and flashy emerald eyes.i found her sitting alone in a cabin.that book i think was called romeo and Juliet lay open in her hands concealing her face as she read.she looked up as i entered."This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath,May prove a beauteous flower when next we you remember when you read that line Draco?"i nodded and sat next to her.
"how did you happen to read my favorite line from the whole play out of millions of lines Draco?"she asked.i shrugged my had seemed coincidental but i didn't really understand what she was getting at.she looked out the window solemnly."i dont know either maybe we are meant for each other you know?"she said sweetly.she turned back to me and i looked at her confused.
"True, I talk of dreams,Which are the children of an idle brain,Begot of nothing but vain fantasy."she quoted.i had no idea what it meant but it sounded like it was filled with intricate meanings hidden behind the words.she rested her head against my shoulder."i think i love you Draco.and thats a big thing for me to say"she whispered and yawned.i smiled.
"and i love you more tan you think"i whispered but she was already asleep.

********************** Anastasia's"s P.O.V

the knife came down into my shoulder and i sat up with a start trying to shake the dream away.the train was just pulling into the station and Draco was just standing.i stood up also smoothing out my sweater and tightened the thick scarf around my neck.
i followed Draco out into the snowy station and into a car.all of are luggage was already in the trunk and i sunk into the soft seats next to Draco.he stroked the back of my hand aimlessly while deep in thought.i stared out the foggy window watching the white icy scenery fly by with half my mind on the scenes flying past the other on the feelings dracos hand sent through my body.

"my parents will love you"he whispered just as we pulled up to a huge wrought iron gate.the walls on either side stretched on as far as the eye could see and was overgrown with vines. Draco seemed antsy and restless so i pulled my hand away from his and griped the seat in front of me as the gates opened and we passed inside.....TBC

AUTHORS NOTE: i need AT LEAST 5 comments for the next chapter and if you want to see her dress its at this link....


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