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A couple weeks ago i was asked to write an essay about my Utopia. It had to be 600 words. I got an F on it because it wasn't. BTW a Utopia is a perfect society in case you didn't know

Chapter 1

My Utopia

Well this is a stupid prompt. Honestly, my life is far from perfect. Saying my Utopia is perfect wouldn't be right. Nothing is perfect so i refuse to see my freaking Utopia is. I don't live perfectly, i live happily. In a place where i forget my problems and i forget my fears. Where i only choose to smile and laugh at the pain I'm feeling. Where everyone embraces the future instead of dwell on past mistakes. Where we realize that we can't change the past, we can only make the future better. So i can honestly and proudly say my Utopia is not perfect.

Yeah so that's how i see things. It was kinda random to post this but i got bored...enjoy XD


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