Cry of the Wolf

A story with short chapters so....
enjoy i guess

Chapter 1

Greed and Addiction

"Gotcha!" A wolf corpse falls to the ground, its pelt drenched with blood from a bullet hole. David Fincher, hunting god, was doing his normal hunting trip for the valuable yet fragile pelts of the grey wolf in the forests of Greatwood. "They don’t call me “the hunting god” for nothing!" he gloated.

"Got that right, you are the best hunter in Greatwood, David." said Mong, a hunting partner and a friend of David. "Why, you should be the president of hunting!" David goes to obtain his kill.

The blood of the lifeless corpse runs down the side of its side, staining David’s gloves. "This would make 23 this week, and spring is now here. We should be heading back to the cabin to skin this bad boy and head back to the car."

Mong went ahead and David followed him back to the warm log cabin. As they get inside, David gets his skinning knife and starts cutting the wolf, carefully not trying to cut the fragile pelt. He sets the wolf pelts in the trunk of his car and heads back to town.

Later that night, at a wolf pack meeting in the forest, several wolves are yelling and complaining about the hunter.

“This is madness, that hunter is bringing us to extinction! We can’t him do this to us forever. We need to fight back!” one wolf whines about.

“I agree, we need to bring him to extinction before he brings us.” another wolf shouts

“SILENCE!” the pack leader yells. “I understand that we are dying every spring, and I understand that we should kill him first. But we cannot show ourselves in town, lest we all get killed in seconds.”

“Well we got to do something!” wolves yell at the leader.

“I got a plan. Next winter he will come back. That’s when we attack him, we will hide in the bushes and behind rocks. When I give the signal we strike, he will be outnumbered.” The wolves cheered at the plan.

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