The darkest days (what happened at Hogwarts when Harry was away)

The darkest days (what happened at Hogwarts when Harry was away)

ok if you haven't seen the 7th film or read the book then don't read there will be spoilers in future chapters....ok
Name: Candy Jones (or sweetie to everyone else)
Age: 16
Year: 7th
Friends: fred and George (Very close) Neville and luna (kinda close)
House: griffindor
Blood type: muggle born

Chapter 1

8 potters

I tucked my wand into my back pocket and pulled on my red glee shirt. It was almost time to go to Harry's. I was one of the 8 potters that mad eye had planed but I would have no member of the order to protect me from any danger. I was on my own. True I had volunteered for the job but I knew that if I didn't one of the twins would play hero and raise there hand, and that was not going to happen. I had known the twins all my life and if any one of them got hurt when I could stop it, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I stood in front of the mirror and examined my outfit. A red glee top with blue denim shorts and black converse. Sure it wouldn't suit Harry but it was all I had that wasn't low cut or a dress. I walked down stairs to my now empty house. My mother had left with my muggle brother to Africa for safety and my dad had died a long time ago. I grabbed my broom and set off for Harry's house down the street. It was dark once I arrived and the whole group was just evaporating at the front door. First was mad eye followed by Kingsley and mundugus. Mr weasley was soon after followed by hermioney, Ron, fluer and bill. Them was hagrid, and the twins where last. 
"Fred! George!" I yelled and ran to them, hugging them both tight 
"hello sweetie" they said in unison and I let them go. I ran over to Ron and hermioney and hugged them. I let them go and mr weasley knocked on the front door. Harry opened it with a grin paltered in his face 
" 'ello Harry" Hagrid said as hermioney attacked Harry with a hug "your lookin fit" Harry gave Ron a hug and mad eye pushed past him and enter the house, with a large sack over one shoulder. 
"yes he looks gorgeous now let's get inside before somebody tries to kill him" me and the twins laughed a little and followed mr weasley inside. We entered Harry's empty living room and I leaned against the wall. And mad eye began explaining his plan. 
"blimey hermioney" Harry exclaimed as she pulled out a few of his hairs and plopped them into mad eyes flask. I lined up with the others and mad eye gave the flask to Fred 
"fire warning it tastes like goblin p¡ss" 
"have allot of experience with that do you mad eye?" he joked and mad eye gave him a blank stare "just trying to diffuse the tension" he took a swing and past it on down to george. It finally reached me at the end and I took a mouthful. It was vile. I felt my shoulders widening and my hair shooting back into my head. After a few minutes the weird sensation stopped 
"wow where identical" Fred and George said in unison. Mad eye threw the sack at our feet and told us to change. I pulled off my now to small glee t-shirt and black lace bra before picking up a top from the pile 
"whoa harry! When did this happen?" I said running my/Harry's hands over my/Harry's abs. One of the Harry's blushed and I laughed a little before pulling off my shorts and pulling on a pair of jeans. I finished dressing and mad eye gave my some glasses 
"now George you will be going with Lupin on broom. Fred your with your dad also on broom. Fluer your with bill on thestal. Hermiony with kingsley on thestral. Ron your with tonks on broom. Harry-the real one with Hagrid on his bike and Mudugus with me on broom" everyone began to head out the room, finding there partners and adjusting there jeans and tops 
"wait who's sweetie going with?" the real Harry asked and Mae eye looked over at me, standing in the corner with my broom in hand 
"no one. I'm on my own" I said and Harry opened his mouth to say something buy I cut him off "voldermort knows how much you hate others risking there lives for you so if he attacks us tonight he will go for me thinking that your traveling alone to save others lives" Harry closed his mouth and nodded. We all set ourselves up outside the house and mad eye tapped his cane on the floor signaling us to set off. I flew up high in to the air heading west towards the weasleys. I past threw a large thick of clouds to find a mass of death eaters attacking each potter. I drew my wand from my pocket and flew thew the death eaters, sending spells in every direction. I heard a loud crack and saw mundungs disavoprate leaving mad eye to take a hit from a death eater sending him flying off his broom and hurtling to the ground 
"no!" I shouted and dived for his limp body. I reached out to grab his hand but a set of ropes was shot at me, strangling my stomach. I lost my grip on my broom and battled to gain control once more. I flew of towards my destination, with the ropes still tightening around me. Death eaters shot jinx after jinx at me, trying to kill or wound me but I was to quick. I looked over at the wealsey house to see Harry and Ginny walking back inside. I sighed knowing that I was almost safe and looked down at the ropes and saw that they had changed black and had fangs, they where snakes. I screamed and lost control of my broom completely, crashing into the hard grass out side the front door. I screamed and tried to force the snakes off me. They snapped at my neck and tighten their grip on my chest and stomach. I gasped and closed my eyes
"incedio!" the snakes flew off my stomach and burst on fire next to me, turning onto ash. I looked up to see Harry with his wand raise at the pile of ash. I looked Down at my hands to see that they had returned to original state, stander fingers and small wrists with pink nail polish "sweetie you ok?" Harry offered me a hand up and I took it. I brushed myself off and nodded 
"am I the last one back?" harry took the round glasses off me and shook his head 
"mad eye isn't back" he said sadly and I tucked my wand into my shoe before picking up my broom 
"mad eyes not coming back" I whispered and Harry's face fell "where are the twins?" Harry bit his bottom lip and fiddled with his shirt before looking back at the house. I felt tears in my eyes and rushed inside to find everyone gathered around the couch. I pushed past Lupin and bill to find George laying on his side with blood staining the side of his head. I looked closer and saw his eat was missing. Fred was kneeling at his side, holding his hand. Georges eyes fell on me and I clasped a hand over my mouth as tears ran down my face 
"hello sweetie" he said weakly and I slowly walked to his side "I'm fine really" he smiled and I removed my hand from my mouth smiling and sniffling "be able to tell us apart now" I looked at the floor and glanced at the sides at the others who had arrived
"mad eyes dead" I said and took in a deep breath "mundugs disavprated leaving mad eye to get the full blow of a killing curse" I looked around the room at all the shocked faces "I-I tried to bring back-I really did! But I was shot with a rope jinx and lost control of the broom" I broke down crying again and Lupin pulled me into a hug 
"it's ok sweetie. Calm down calm down" I Cried into his chest for hours before pulling away and sitting at George's side. Fred looked over at me with wet eyes and smiled 
"should have been me" he whispered and looked back at a sleeping George "I can't stand seeing him in pain" I patted Fred's back and leaned my head on his shoulder 
"I understand. Well as much as I can" Fred sniffled and brushed the back of his hand over his cheek 
"thanks" we all fell asleep around George, Fred's hand in George's and my head on Fred shoulder. 

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