With out that one special friend

With out that one special friend

I was being a freakin bich to one of my best friends to me he was the one known to me who i would die for he was one of the ppl who brought me out of my sadness he was one of the ppl who talked me out of cutting myself he said he would always be here for me no matter what but where is he now? when i need him?

Chapter 1

Should of been a better friend

Im sorry for being like the worst friend to u i should have never told u that i didnt like ur gf n dat i would cuss her out. im sorry for saying things to ur bestest buddy i had to talk back i didnt want to just let her say watever she wanted to me. but i didnt want to hurt u i never did i no that i was acting like a bich n im really sorry i hate the feeling to no ur pist off at me. without u in my life theres like this darkness inside me telling me to cut myself agian theres this lil voice inside me sayin no1s here for u anymore just cut ur vain n die now let the pain go but no matter how much i want to do that im trying to stop cutting for u n for myself but where r u now to help me through this? i no i cant do this without u. i just wish u could give me one last chance i always had a way to forgive u now can u please find a way to forgive me? now that all this has happen n more problems have came to my life latly i feel depressed agian i feel all sad n not wanting to go through it all agian but please come back not just for help but to be my friend agian i miss u here i miss ur voice n i would miss ur face if we met but please ur the one that makes me happy n with u gone im in such pain cuz all this shet happenin n theres nothin i can do n no1 nos what they can do to help me. my mom wants to send me to a consular for cutting n to see what problems i have but i dont opean up to just any1 but to u i can i can trust u like no other person with u i feel safe.


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