Wannabes (A Glee Fan Fiction)

Wannabes (A Glee Fan Fiction)

A story for all you Gleeks out there! If you have a favorite character or any suggestions, let me know. PLEASE comment!

Chapter 1



Prom queen, prom queen. I will be Prom queen. I'm not crazy, I'm really not. I just have these visions. I see myself, smiling, wearing the tiara and looking amazing next to Finn. Then I see myself in 20 years, showing my kids photos of myself in high school and saying "I was Prom Queen!" and them saying "Mommy, you were beautiful."

I walked up the stairs to another day of school, and there it was. Staring at me right in the face: a gold star. "Vote Rachel Berry for Prom Queen", the poster read. What?? Who is she even running with? Oh, well, she's no competition. But I have to look at those obnoxious gold stars every corner I turn.

I walked up to Finn, staring into his locker. "Finn. Did you know about Berry running against us for Prom Queen?" He stared at me blankly (like always). "Uh...no."
"Who is she running with?"
"I don't know."
"Of course", was all I said. I grabbed his hand and we walked to class.

3:45 PM - Glee Club

"Mr. Shue!" screeched Rachel. Well, she didn't screech it, but everything that comes out of her mouth is so annoying she might have anyways.

"I was thinking, when Sam and I are elected Prom King and Queen, we could sing a duet."

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