Heartbeat Clocktower

Heartbeat Clocktower

Emily Gears, happy & proposed to the handsome Kaito Clockwork, is left with no-one when he fixes the town of Clockwork's Clock Tower. Promising to return, he leaves her alone for many long, lonely years.
60 years later, Sharn (Emily's great-grand daughter), finds a shy boy living in the Clocktower. Becoming friends, they battle the town, kidnappers & a nasty father.

This story is told through the eys of Emily & Kaito first, then Sharn & the next Kaito. Hope you enjoy & comment!

Chapter 1

Emily Gears- Clockwork Heart

by: Cozy_Glow
Kaito Clockwork was the towns Clocktower Guardian, for the town couldn't run without it. So, if anyone had a clock in need of fixing, he'd talk to it & get it ticking again. I loved Kaito & he loved me.

"Emily" he would whisper in my ears. "I love you"
"And I love you like the town loves the Clock" I would reply, kissing him.

The strange thing is: he has no family, no memory of them, he just appeared, a baby a the doors of the Clocktower. I lost my mother when I was born, my father died when I turned 18. Luckily, he approved of Kaito marrying me.

"Emily" he said, one bright, crisp morning. "I need help"
"What ever for, my love?" I asked, taking his hands.
"The clock is dying" he gestured to my clock, which was running slowly. "She's giving up!"

I jumped to my feet & ran with him to the mayor. The mayor was annoyed that his clock was slow, so he listened, hardly. Kaito explained like he would to a child.

"And what do you want me to do about it?" the mayor growled.
"Well, I need you to gather all the clock makers & fixers" Kaito said, pointing to the clock. "Otherwise, this town will perish!"

This got the mayor attention & he called for his messangers. They fetched 5 clockworkers & brought them to Clockwork Town's Clocktower. I lead them inside up stairs, until we reached the Clockwork Heart, where Kaito was working.

"As you can see" he said, as the men looked at the Heart. "It is turning so slow, it appears to bhave stopped!"
"Well, we should get to work!" a man named Tim said.

They began discussing means to fix the Heart, but nothing came to them. I served them drinks & snacks, listening to them & hearing the Heart ticks grow fainter. Then, I had an idea.

"Kaito" I nearly shouted. "Why not ask it whats wrong!?"
"I have" he sighed, smiling sadly. "She says she cannot go on! She needs something to keep her Heart ticking!"

Then he had an idea. If I had know then what it was, I would never had let him go. But I didn't, so I let him forefill it.

"HEART!" he shouted in excitment. "She needs a new heart!" he looked at me, & the smile faded. "Emily, I need this place for work, so..."
"I understand, my love" I smiled.
I turned to go, but he stopped me. "Emily, I need you to get me the best doctors around!"

How I was not suspicious, I do not know, but I loved & trusted him, so I did as he bid & found 3 of the best doctors & showed them to the place where Kaito & the clockworkers were, then, it fell to pieces for me...

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