Heartbeat Clocktower

Heartbeat Clocktower

Emily Gears, happy & proposed to the handsome Kaito Clockwork, is left with no-one when he fixes the town of Clockwork's Clock Tower. Promising to return, he leaves her alone for many long, lonely years.
60 years later, Sharn (Emily's great-grand daughter), finds a shy boy living in the Clocktower. Becoming friends, they battle the town, kidnappers & a nasty father.

This story is told through the eys of Emily & Kaito first, then Sharn & the next Kaito. Hope you enjoy & comment!

Chapter 10

Sharn Gears- The Ballerina Doll

Mr. Maker dragged us to the back of his shop & locked us into the large store shed. I banged on the doors, but no one answered. Kaito was looking around the shed, his eyes wide with fear & tears. I went over & hugged him, telling him he'd be fine with me. He smiled at this & got to his feet.

"Why did Mr. Maker take us?"
"He's an evil man!" I huffed. "I never really liked him anyway!"

Kaito took my hand & we started exploring the dark shed. Lots of old or broken toys of all shapes & sizes lay cover & scattered around. I picked up a beautifully made doll & blew the dust from its glass eyes & delicate face. The doll reminded me of my mother & Kaito.
Kaito tugged on a cloth & pulled it from a tall statue. Well, it was a life-size ballerina doll that resembled my mother so much, I nearly thought it was her. Her cheeks were painted pale pink, to match her dress & shoes. Her lips were cherry-pink, my mothers favourite colour.

"Sharn, are you okay?"
I suddenly realised I was holding my breath. "Oh, yeah! Its just she looks like my mum!"
"Well, your mother must've been very pretty!" Kaito smiled, blushing lightly.

As we walked away, I had a feeling that I was leaving someone behind. I turned around many times to see the large ballerina doll, but no one else was there. Kaito didn't seem scared of this place anymore, just me!

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