Heartbeat Clocktower

Heartbeat Clocktower

Emily Gears, happy & proposed to the handsome Kaito Clockwork, is left with no-one when he fixes the town of Clockwork's Clock Tower. Promising to return, he leaves her alone for many long, lonely years.
60 years later, Sharn (Emily's great-grand daughter), finds a shy boy living in the Clocktower. Becoming friends, they battle the town, kidnappers & a nasty father.

This story is told through the eys of Emily & Kaito first, then Sharn & the next Kaito. Hope you enjoy & comment!

Chapter 2

Kaito- What makes me Tick

by: Cozy_Glow
I paced the room, waiting for Emily & the doctors to return. I didn't tell my plan to any of the 5 clockworks, they sat & guessed & wondered...Emily rushed in with 3 doctors: 1 lady & 2 men.

"Okay, time to put this to work" I smiled, taking Emily's hand.
"Kaito" she whispered as we approached the door. "Why did you want doctors?"
"Well, I thought that..." I was lying to her & it was wrong. "Maybe, she needed a checkup from them!" then I paused. "Emily?"
I leaned & whispered in her ear. "I will return to you as soon as I can, I promise!"

I gently edged her outside, though unwillingly, she left. I felt her hesitate as I put my back on the door. She couldn't decide whether to wait outside or come back in, but she chose to trust me & wait.
I smiled & headed back to the Clockwork Heart. I removed my blue vest, admiring the silver swirls, then removed my white shirt.

"What are you doing, mister Kaito?" the lady doctor asked, confused.
"I am removing my top & vest" I replied, sitting on a table. "Now, can you please check my heart?"
She placed her stefascope against my chest. "Abit fast, but, all-in-all good!"
"I'm nervous" I said, smiling. "Now, do you know how to remove hearts?"

Everyone looked at me in shock, as I smiled. She nodded & I layed down. I explained that the Heart needed to be replaced, but with mine, as I couldn't make one. The 5 clockworkers offered to make one, but I shook my head. The Clockwork Heart needed to be replaced now & making one would take to long.

"So" I said with a smile. "I will be the new Heart!"

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