Heartbeat Clocktower

Heartbeat Clocktower

Emily Gears, happy & proposed to the handsome Kaito Clockwork, is left with no-one when he fixes the town of Clockwork's Clock Tower. Promising to return, he leaves her alone for many long, lonely years.
60 years later, Sharn (Emily's great-grand daughter), finds a shy boy living in the Clocktower. Becoming friends, they battle the town, kidnappers & a nasty father.

This story is told through the eys of Emily & Kaito first, then Sharn & the next Kaito. Hope you enjoy & comment!

Chapter 3

Kaito- The Clock that Sings

by: Cozy_Glow
One of the doctors put a cloth over my mouth & nose, but I didn't fall asleep. The lady put some needles into my chest, so I couldn't feel anything, then she put a hand on my forehead. I smiled weakly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked, drawing a line over my heart. "Because, we can stop &..."
"No" I whispered. "I need to do this...for the town...and my mother!"
She looked at me. "Your mother? But, I was told you didn't have a family!"
"I don't, but..." I raised a hand to the clock. "The Clock is! By the way, what is your name?"
"Merin" she replied, laying a scalpel on the table. "So, this is for your mother?!"
I nodded & laid my hand on the left side of my chest. Resolution was decided. "Superbia (Pride); Gula (Gluttony); Invidia (Envy); Luxuria (Lust); Avaritia (Greed); Acedia (Sloth) & Ira (Wrath). Graveyard Hellish Gard & Court Heavenly gard"

Then, I smiled at the ceiling, slowly closing my eyes, in the grip of cold Death. Merin's tears fell against my beating heart as she ran to the Clockwork Heart & held it out. Then, I was alive again, but not alive.
I could feel the clock spin its hands & blossom into new life. The men, women & children in the square rejoiced as the Clock came bursting back to life. The 5 clockworkers & 3 doctors carried my lifeless body out of the Clocktower on a stretcher. I knew one lady would never be happy again...

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