Hands Of Time

inspired by all our lives. and song "Hands Of time"

Chapter 1

Hands Of Time

you cant turn back the hands of time.
wat done is done.
we cant rewind time.
the choices we make are forever permanent.
life is a carousel.
some times music takes away the hurt we've come to,
we have have to let it go.
we worry, but it'll be ok
sometimes we think "i could be gone if i go now"
why is life like this?
we come and are curious,
but soon we make decisions,
bad or good ones.
we meet people
we sometimes fall in love
but then we lose em
we think about the amazing times we had together.
we cant turn back the hands of time,
especially with secrets
we keep secrets from our friends and families
but wat dose that do?
it only tears us apart.
when our loved ones have passed
we wanna go with them
we sometimes wanna kill ourselves
but think were we would be without u?
think about it.............
think about our choices
we can never re-do them
think carfully
you dont wanna end up feel so much regret
You Cant Turn Back The Hands Of Time


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