When The Past Becomes The Present ( A Draco Malfoy Love Story... or is it?)

So i really wanted to create this story because i had this really good idea and also because a lot of people wanted a draco malfoy love story.ENJOY!

P.S. i might consider making a harry potter,george,fred,and ron weasley one only if you guys want me to.Also Olive Wood is part of your year. (so that means he started school with Harry,Ron and Hermione)

P.S.S. Here is a link to a Wallpaper I made for the story:


Chapter 1

The Bad Begining

character info:
Real Name:Annie Mendez

Fake Name:Alice Carrillo

Status:Pure Blood

Year at Hogwards:1st, well technicly 4th but it's her 1st time at Hogwarts ever


Looks:Chocolate brown eyes,hair above shoulders and dark brown hair with faint red natural highlights.

Personality:Outgoing,smart,kind,likes to sing,write songs,dance,plays guitar and piano

Bio: Annie was a girl with a normal wizarding life. She had the worlds best boyfriend and a family that understood her.She was in Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and has their french accent,but uses a spell to not talk in her accent.Annie had the best life anyone could ask for but something changed it forever...
Linda's (Annie's mom) POV

''Mom i'm gonna miss you'' Annie my daughter said. ''I'm gonna miss you too'' This was like the 100th time i was saying goodbye to my daughter even before she took the train to leave to her new wizarding school, Hogwarts.She was in Beauxbatons Academy of Magic but we had to move to englad since my husband got a new job. I felt strangelly afraid. Like something bad was going to happen.and as if she could read my mind Alice said, ''Mom don't worry i'm going to be ok,i have left before when i went to my old school and you were never this worried!'' She was right but i still couldn't help to feel worried.''Well we better get going i don't wanna miss the train.'' 'ok' i replied. we were almost to the door when i remembered,''OH Alice i forgot! i was going to give you money so you could get something from the cart! I'll be right back'' she said ok and i ran to my room. i opened the door and saw the sack. i got it and when i was about to get out of the room, i tripped. i was about to get up but something caught my eye. it was a picture of Annie and her exboyfriend.when i touched the picture, i had a horrible flashback of that horrible night.

I was cooking dinner wondering where Annie was.She went with her muggle friends but she said she would be back by 8:00 and right now it is 9:00. there was a noise and i could tell it was the phone. (we were wizards but we were sorrounded by muggles so we had to act like them)i went to pick up the phone ready to give Annie the yell of her life.

-Phone Convo-
Other Line (O.L): Good Evening are you a family member of Annie Mendez?
Me: Yes. Is there something wrong?
O.L:I am sorry to inform you that your daughter was involved in a car crash.
O.L: Yes she was out of the crash with severe wounds but thats all that happened.
Me: What hospitar is she in?
O.L:This is the Red Cross.
Me:I will be there in a few minutes.
-End of Phone Convo-

''What's wrong?'' asked David,my husband. '' We need to go to the Red Cross'' he was shocked ''WHY?!!'' 'Because Annie is there'' without saying anything else we left by using Side-Along Apparition.When we got to the Red Cross,and made sure no one saw us before we ran to the reception. ''Excuse me, is there someone registered here by the name Annie Mendez?'' she looked in some kind of muggle device and said ''yes, are you her parents?'' we nodded.''well she is in room 201. go down the halway and turn left.but one of you has to stay here and sing these papers'' we decided David should do it and then i basicly ran there and then burst the door open.she was awake and looking confused. ''DARLING! YOU ARE AWAKE!'' i ran and hugged her. ''excuse me, do i know you?'' she asked as i pulled apart from her.i was shocked.was this a joke? ''honey,i'm your mom.'' 'you are my mom,ok,and who am i?'' i couldn't believe it then something hit me hard.i took muggle studies and i knew what happened. she had what muggle's called amnesia.it's something where people loose their memory.i read that wizards can also get amnesia by hitting their head hard just like muggles.''i will be right back.'' i told her. ''ok,mom.right?'' 'right'' i got outside of the room and went to the receptonist. when i got there i saw an angry David. ''What's wrong?'' he didn't say anything he showed me a small machine that muggles called cellphones. there was a text it said: ''Annie,i am sorry but this can't go on.we have to break up. My parents woun't let me be with you.and it's also me i am sorry but i need time to think things through,but mean while,out relationship neads to end.Sorry.
Draco.'' i was furious he broke up with my daughter because his parents woun't let him. nice story.i looked at the receptionist. ''my daughter woke up but she doesn't remember anything.'' she gasped.''i will be right back.'' she said and with that she went running to my daughters room.''do you think that she was driving and when she saw this messege she crashed?'' i looked at david.he nodded.i was worried about her.i told her hat malfoy boy was nothing but trouble,but she was deaply in love with him.the receptionist came back.''i am sorry to inform you that your daughter has amnesia and that she will NEVER remember anything at all.'' the nurse said. ''can we see her?'' david asked. ''sure.'' she answered.we went to her room and she was still with a puzzled expresion.''um sorry,but you said you were my mom and this guy is....?'' Annie asked. ''i'm your dad.'' david said. ''Miss-i mean mom who am i? what happened to me?where am i at?'' 'well,'' i started, ''you are in a hospital,and you were involved in a car crash. and i know this is hard to believe,but you are a witch.'' she looked shocked but seemed to believe it. ''and um, are you a witch and is he-i mean my dad a wizard?'' she asked.i simply nodded. ''what about everyone else?'' 'well,'' i started, ''not exactly everyone just some people.for example,right now we are in a muggle hospital. people who are muggles are none magical people.'' i added seeing her puzzled expression when i said the word muggle.'' no one knows so you can't tell them what we are or nything about magic.'' i told her stermly. ''ok mother, but i have one more question.'' 'what is it dear?'' 'what's my name?'' david was going to answear but i had a plan.i was going to have to lie to her.make-up a name. i couldn't tell her the cause of her accident or about draco. ''your name is Alice dear. Alice Carrillo'' David looked at me in a weird way but i gave him an i'll-explain-later-look. ''ok when will i be able to leave?'' 'very soon'' david answered. ''ok i think i'll take a nap though.'' and with that she dozed off. i took David out of the room and explained to him my idea. ''what if she finds out we are not telling her the truth?'' 'David dear you live in the world of ''what if '' but she doesn't and will never find out the truth'' 'ok'' he said at last then we left hoping our daughter will never find out about who she really is, or about Draco Malfoy.
-End of Flashback-

I dropped the photo and then i heard a knock on the door. ''Everything all right in there?'' Annie asked. ''Yes Alice, everything is alright just looking for the coins,but i found them!'' i replied. i heard her chuckle. ''ok but we need to hurry it's almost 11:00'' and with that i heard her go down the stairs.i got the picture and threw it back under the bed,got up and walked downstairs. Annie was there waiting for me. Then we left on a muggle taxi.he was freaked out we had so many things.especially about the owl but just let it drop.The drive was kind of long so i started a conversation with Annie. ''So Alice, why do you think you need dress robes?'' 'I like them mom, thanks for buying them for me'' more silence. ''You know, to think i woun't see Fleur and Gabrielle, and all of my other friends make me feel... empty inside.'' that's when the taxi stopped. we got off and set to plataform 9 and 3/4. ''Mom where is plataform 9 and 3/4?'' Annie asked me. ''it's right here'' I said pointing to the brick wall between plataforms 9 and 10.

Annie/Alice's POV

ok, she HAD TO be kidding! At Beauxbatons, we would go to the train station, and the horses would come pick us up.No muggle noticed because we used magic for them to think it was a messed up train.''Are you POSSITIVE?'' she rolled her eyes and pointed to a group of red haired kids, a girl with bushy hair, and a boy with eyes like emeralds. they all crossed the brick wall without crashing. i looked at my mom,and she nodded. i took a deep breath and ran to the wall.nothing stopped me but then.... CRASH!!! ''zee? I told you 'iz wouldn't work mo-'' i stopped. my accent had come back! ''LANCHANGE!'' (i made up the spell :P) ''are you ok?'' an angel like voice asked me. ''i am fine.'' i looked up to see a really cute guy he smiled a me. it toolk me breah away. ''here,'' he said and held out his hand. ''i´m Oliver. Oliver Wood.'' i smiled ''I´m Alice Carrillo.'' then someone walked behind me. ''Annie you have to go'' my mom said. i smiled at her and hugged her. ''i´ll miss you mom.'' a tear trickled down my face. ''bye sweetie. i love you.'' just then, a whistle blew. ''Go and have a wonderful year Annie.'' i was confused. ''what?'' i asked.did she just call me Annie? that name sounded familiar to me. ''Alice, we have to go.'' oliver said behind me. probably i misheard (sp?) my mom. i turned away from my mom and Oliver did something unexpected. he held my hand. it made us both blush.then, we both ran to the train. right before i closed the door, i saw my mom give me a thumbs up. why? i didn't know.probably because i made a friend already.then the train started to move. i began to wabble. all of the sudden, the train jerked one way and i fell on top of Oliver.i looked at him in the eye but he looked at my lips. we both started leaning in. ''Well, well well, who do we have here. Wood, with probably a mudblood.'' Oliver and i turned around. we both saw a pale guy with blonde hair looking at us in disgust (sp?). I stood up and helped Oliver up.then i turned to the blonde dude. ''for your information, i am Alice Carrillo, and i ain't a mudblood. Even if i were you don't have the right to judge me or other people who are part of muggle families.'' he looked at me weirdly. like he was trying to remember who i was. ''hello?'' i said waving my hand infront of his face. he still didnt say anything. just kept on thinking. i turned around, grabbed Oliver's hand, and we set off to find a compartment. ''who is he?'' i asked Oliver. ''He's Draco Malfoy.'' Draco Malfoy. why did that name sound so familiar to me? i just shook the feeling off.we kept on looking for compartments till we found one where there was the girl, and the other 2 boys i saw earlier. ''HI Oliver!'' said the girl.Then she turned to me. ''i'm Hermione Granger. These are my friends, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.'' i sat down next to her. ''i'm Alice Carrillo'' Harry Potter sat in total shock. ''What?'' i asked him. ''You didn't say. 'OMG THAT'S HARRY POTTET THAT BOY WHO LIVED!'' he said probably mimicking his fan girls.i raised my eyebrow ''do you want me to do that then?'' he quickly said no. i laughed and soon everybody joined in.Hermione and i suddenly began talking about something called S.P.E.W. it was something about house-elf rights. i completely agreed with her. everybody should be treated equally. not just because they are not human, they are to be treated differently.The guys talked about quitich.Typical. Sudenlly Oliver asked me a question i hoped he wouldn't have asked. ''hey Alice, why did you start speaking in french back at kingscross station?'' everybody in the compartment turned to look at me,but Hermione said, ''Beauxbatons. Right?'' then everybody including me turned to look at her. how did she know about Beauxbatons?


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