MY Definition Of "Magic"

This is for Head_Heart-HP's competition!! I just saw these pennys i randomly found and got insparation!! Thanks everyone!! =33

Chapter 1

Finding IT

"Ha! Your so DUMB!" Pansy teased. It was a typical day, she was teasing me, the nerd. The nerd with braces, glasses and straight A's. I don't understand how people think thats a BAD thing! Anyway, she teased me more hurtfully than before. Finally I had enough and nearly shouted: "Pansy, the only reason your teasing my is because your insecure about your own big, fat BUTT!" But instead I stomped off. I couldn't beleive it! I'm the most inconfident person on the planet! UGH! >:(

As I walked home i felt the strangest feeling. Like that dude in the black coat was watching me with eyes at the back of his head. He was a little creepy, I had to admit, but it was probably Pansy sneaking up on me again. I looked over my shoulder and saw that no one was there.

Huh, weird I thought blankly.

After a few minutes the black-coat-man had grown faster as he walked. Typical I thought meanly. Everyones always afraid of me. But this was different. He seemed to be taunting me in a way. Then he stopped all together! I watched, interested, as he impatiently dug in his pocket. Finally, he pulled out a round object and dropped it on the ground. Then, he just ran off.

I surveyed him once more and walked over to where the round object was. After looking closer at the brass thing, i realized it was a coin.

A penny, to be exact.
Hi! Well, here it is. This is for Head_Heart_HP's competition! =3

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