What? No way! (Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy Love Story) Part 5

Hey guys!! sry it took a long time for me to repost but i've been busy but im on spring break so im gonna be less busy!! 5 comments please

Chapter 1

Hanging Out and Classes

Before she knew what hit her i did a full body bind curse on her and her followers. Then we all drew on their faces. It was the best thing ever. We went to go see Teddy(Lupins son) and asked him how to put them to sleep. He told us and that what we did and we used wingardium leviosa to lift them into our beds. We had all read parts of the books and tryed out the charms so we were kind of advanced. The next day we woke up before them and headed to the Great Hall. We were chatting with James, Teddy, Albus, Fred, and Scorpius when Lynn, Jennett, May and Alexa came in sreaming at us. Teddy silenced them with a flick of his wand. "What they were annoying me?" he said. We changed and headed down to the lake. i wore: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=30345063 . James, Albus, and Scorp ended up joining us. Jen was definetly was happy about that.(if the person i based of jen ever read this i would get a punch on the arm and a death glare)
Everywhere Scorpius either got stares or glares. Mostly the glares came from Slytherins. They were mad and digusted cause all Maloys before Scorp had beeen in Slytherin. They thought he was a blood traitor. there were some rumors that i had coaxed Scorpius into tellin the hat to put him in Gryffindor. Really were people getting less mature and more childish? I think scorpius had enough cause he turned around and shouted "Didnt anyone tell you not to stare its not polite Slytheridiots!!!" I fist bumped him and we started laughing. Everyone had the same classes except me and scorp were in different History of Magic from everyone. That also ment we had to be stuck with fwdb (floppy wanded dementor buggerers) We had Transfiguration first. We took notes the whole time. Next we had charms we practiced wand movements and took notes. Then we had Herbology with Proffessor Longbottom. We learned about some plants, like Devils Snare. Then we had DADA with Proffesor Thomas. (by the way its luna thomas she marries dean in this story! yay!!) She actually didnt talk about nargles and wakspurts. She usually did this everytime she came to visit mum and dad. She told us storys about the battle during the whole class. We then had flying lessons with proffesor weasley. (its Freds wife) Albus, Scorp, and I were the only ones to get the broom up on the first try. Jen and Liz followed closely with marie and jordan a little bit after them. The fwdb were last, ha in their faces. I think me and jen are gonna try out for chasers nxt year. Albus wants to be a beater and Scorpius wants to be a keeper. Although if Marie and Jordan werent afraid of heights they could be beaters. One of their punches could knock you out for at least a day and a half. Potions class was with professor A.R. O'Conner. lass wasnt that bad like Snapes used to be. Me and Scorp headed to History of Magic class. It was so boring me and scorp passed notes and played hangman and tick tak toe. Classes went like that for the rest of the week. Scorp was the best at Potions and Transfiguration and I was the best at Charms and DADA. We helped each other out a lot.

Thanks for reading i really appreaciate it. Plz comment and rate. I need 5 comments and tell me what you think
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