The Tale of my Final Battle with Alder

Wow. I will try and describe my battle with Alder in Pokemon Black Version. I didn't cheat with my Groudon or anything like that. No action replay was used to acquire or level up any of my Pokemon, (except Darkrai and Arceus).

Chapter 1

The Battle With Alder

I had finally defeated the Elite Four, with average difficulty; Now it was time to face Alder, the Unova Champion, the guy with the big hair. I pressed 'A' on the statue in the middle of the entrance and was I was immediately transferred down into the depths of the Pokemon League. Sprinting up the steps lined with cracked stone pillars, I began to wonder.
"Where will I go once I've defeated Alder?"
"What has my official purpose been in getting this far?"
"Should I start a new game?" (Well, actually I never would because I have taken all my Pokemon from SoulSilver and put them onto Black. Most of them have come from GBA games anyways).
Walking into the Champion's Chamber, I stared in awe at all the detail and awesomeness. Finally my time had come. I was ready to battle Alder. After his little pre-battle speech, we began to battle amidst all the awesome in-game music.
Groudon (Aggrosonel) Lv.100
- Fissure
- Solarbeam
- Earthquake
- Eruption

Arceus (Stranger) Lv.65
- Seismic Toss
- Extremespeed
- Earth Power
- Future Sight

Darkrai (Death) Lv.71
- Night Shade
- Nightmare
- Pursuit
- Dark Void

Reshiram (Turboblaze) Lv.53
- Slash
- Extrasensory
- Dragon Claw
- Fusion Flare

Giratina (GIRATINA) Lv.72
- Shadow Force
- Dragon Claw
- Earth Power
- Draco Meteor

Tropius (Banana) Lv. 63
- Solarbeam
- Fly (yes, Tropius can actually learn Fly in this game for once).
- Air Slash
- Leaf Tornado

I sent out Groudon as Alder sent out his Accelgor. Eruption was the only option. Accelgor fainted. Groudon didn't obtain any experience points haha. Next was Vanilluxe. Eruption was let loose, Vanilluxe fainted. Next up was Escavalier. Eruption did 4x the amount of damage against Bug/Steel. Escavalier lost 1 HP. Haha only joking, fainted. Okay, his next one was Volcarona. I'm on my way to obtaining one of these, (my Larvesta (Hazel) is Lv. 55). I accidentally pressed Solarbeam, which didn't do much. It used Quiver Dance twice, which was a waste of time. I then used Earthquake, super-effective, faint. Bouffalant was no match againt Giratina. One Draco Meteor and Bouffalant fainted but at a cost: sharply lowered Special Attack (oh damn). Druddigon was the final Pokemon, although a Dragon Claw quickly destroyed him. Yeah, I only used Giratina and Groudon during that battle, but does it really matter? Anyways, he took me to the place where you get data recorded, I watched the epic stuff, then I fast-forwarded the credits and finally the game restarted. I have to say, seeing my Mom and her saying: 'Oh, welcome home, hope you're having fun on your journey!' Or whatever, didn't really make me feel awesome. By the way, Alder was easier to defeat than The Elite Four.

And that's my tale of the champion battle. Hope you enjoyed as much as I celebrated when I finished writing this (stretching fingers).


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