The List-not a fanfic just a week in my high school

some people might know what this is about but if ya dont, dont worry it doesnt matter, I was inspired by stuff happening at school(using fake names and stuff)
The storys about a cheerleader called Tracey, her boyfriend,her squad and some idiots on her school hockey team
Comment people!!

Chapter 1


My name is Tracey Smith, I am 17, have dyed blonde hair with purple streaks underneath, blue eyes, quite tanned, slim, somewhere between short and tall, and a cheerleader, not the captain or anything just like the cheerleaders in the bring it on movies that you don't know the name of.

I am one of the girls everyone envies, popular, smart, pretty, approached by guys way to often and sort of rich but (even though it sort of sounds like I am) I'm not narcissistic or totally evil like the popular kids on TV are, I'm just me.

I am proud of my car, that I spent ages saving up(my parents paid for half) for its a converatble, silver BMW and I LOVE it, drive it everywhere.

My best friend is called Callie, I met her in preschool.She's slightly shorter than me and looks basicaly the same as me we could pass as sisters, twins even.As a best friend thing she dyed underneath her hair dark blue.Unlike me she is good at all the art type stuff and is alot nicer than me.She is the best bff ever!

I have a amazing boyfriend Matt, he has dark hair, blue eyes and a perfect smile.He's on all the sports and athletics teams, not to good at school but I try help.

Right now he is in France with his parents for the week, being dragged to art museums by his mom and I find it hilarous, hes the last person I would expect to be in a museum.

Random stuff I love:Dresses, dancing, writting, my super secret nerdy story, smily faces(:, WRITING IN CAPS, exclamation marks! cell phone, computer, eye liner(only lightly, I would look so bad with tonnes on) FACEBOOK!(:, my fellow leaders of cheers, Callie, Matt

ANYWAYS story time!

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