Time will reveal!! (A Hogwarts Love Story) (read intro!)

Nikki had been kidnapped by Voldemort. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione come to save her and to defeat Voldemort, the Final Battle begins. As Harry and Nikki duel with Voldemort, she receives a hex straight to her chest smashing her Time Turner. She is suddenly sent 22 years back in time to the Marauders' Era. What will she do when she falls for the boy she loves' father, James Potter; and what will she do when James returns his feelings for her as well? Harry would then never be born, right?

Chapter 1

The story begins!

A/N Spoiler for those who haven't read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!! You have been warned!!

Nicolette Smith was an addition to the golden trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione. Nikki had started dating Harry back in 5th year and they had already said they loved each other and they meant it. This year was supposed to be her 7th and last year at Hogwarts, but instead she had joined Harry, Ron and Hermione on their dangerous journey to find Voldemort's horcruxes. They had done well, the only thing lest to do now was to destroy Voldemort himself. The six horcruxes have been destroyed. The Diary, The Ring, The Locket, The cup, The Diadem and The Snake, Nagini. The final battle between Harry and Voldemort was now taking place and everyone was watching. Everyone could see that Voldemort was scared now because he knew he couldn't win, he resulted to the only other thing he could think of. He walked over to the crowd of people around them and then he smiled when his eyes met Nikki. He grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her to the middle of the room where Harry suddenly looked afraid. "do anything to me Potter and the girl suffers!" Voldemort shouted to him. What he didn't realize though was that she was a lot more devious than he thought and he didn't see her smile at Harry while he threatened her. Harry saw her smile though and laughed slightly. Voldemort seemed confused by this. "oh I wouldn't worry about you hurting her!" Harry shouted still laughing because he knew what she was thinking. Most of the people in the hall looked confused, but the professors, the Weasleys and Hermione were all smiling as well. "don't care about her do you Potter?" asked Voldemort. "oh no, It's not that! It's just I know her better than you do, so I'm not worried!" Harry shouted in reply. "what on earth are you-" Voldemort was cut off half way through his sentence when Nikki closed her eyes, thought hard and suddenly she was on fire! Voldemort let go of her imediatly and she ran straight to Harry. Voldemort was now battling with Harry and Nikki. It was going well for the 2 teenagers but then Nikki was hit in the chest with a curse. The curse hit her time turner and it shattered. As the time turner shattered she felt herself spin and then she had disappeared. When Nikki stopped spinning she realized she had landed in a forest, then suddenly everything went black and she collapsed onto the leafy floor.

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