Time will reveal!! (A Hogwarts Love Story) (read intro!)

Nikki had been kidnapped by Voldemort. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione come to save her and to defeat Voldemort, the Final Battle begins. As Harry and Nikki duel with Voldemort, she receives a hex straight to her chest smashing her Time Turner. She is suddenly sent 22 years back in time to the Marauders' Era. What will she do when she falls for the boy she loves' father, James Potter; and what will she do when James returns his feelings for her as well? Harry would then never be born, right?

Chapter 2

This can't be real!.............can it?

Nikki woke up and the first thing she noticed was the full moon that was directly above her. In the distance she heard a howl and she stood up. It was a full moon and she had just heard a howl, there was a werewolf on the loose somewhere close by. Nikki looked around and she seemed to recognize the forest that she was in but, no, it couldn't be. Suddenly she heard a twig snap behind her and when she turned her eyes went wide....


"hey! where did Mooney go?" asked Sirius changing back into his human form so that he could speak. "I don-" James was cut off by a very loud scream. The two boys shared a worried look, changed back into their animagi forms and sprinted off in search of their friend and the source of the scream.

~~~~~~~~~~back with Nikki~~~~~~~~

Nikki turned and her eyes went wide as she saw the werewolf standing before her. There was something she recognized about this werewolf but, she couldn't think about that now. She pulled out her wand and held it at her side in case the wolf went to attack. The wolf did indeed move to attack but, six years of quidditch left her with impeccable reflexes. she dodged the wolf and it ran into the tree. It shook off the bash to the head and turned back to her. She smiled evilly as the wolf jumped on top of her. she heard leaves crunching and when she turned her head she saw a stag and a very large black dog. her smile grew wider and as the wolf wrapped itself tighter around her, fighting, she set her body a flame once again and the wolf yelped in pain as she burnt it. The wolf ran off into the forest and the dog followed. The stag looked at her and even though it was an animal it looked shocked. She laughed slightly and went over to it. She knelt down in front of it and stroked it between the antlers. "don't tell anyone about that all right? and tell your friend the same." she whispered and then she stood up to leave when she remembered she didn't know where she was and then realization hit her. A stag, a big black dog and a werewolf. She suddenly realized where she was and when she turned around there was a boy where the stag had been looking confused. At first glance you could have been looking at Harry but, when Nikki looked closer she saw some differences. The eyes were the biggest give away, they weren't green like Harry's, they were a rich brown. Nikki was looking at a teenage James Potter. "how did you...?" he started but, trailed off. "how did I know you were an animagus?" she asked with a warm smile. "well......yeah." he still looked confused. "I have a sort of sixth sense" He nodded slightly but, he still looked confused. "uhh.......what year is it?" Nikki asked and he picked his head up. "1976" he said and she couldn't help her eyes widening. She shook her head to get back to normal. "could you take me to Dumbledore's office please?" Nikki asked. She would have gone herself but not only would it have looked suspicious if she knew exactly were she was going, she didn't know the password, plus she wanted to spend some time with the guy she loves' father. "uh, yeah sure, I'll be right back I uhhh...." he trailed off again looking awkward. "you have to check on your friends?" she finished for him yet again. "friendssss?" he asked putting emphasis on the 'S'. "I'm guessing that there's a rat running around somewhere?" she asked and he looked shocked. "how did you know that?" he asked still looking stunned. "seventh sense!" Nikki replied a with a smirk. "right okay well, I'll be back in a sec so, stay here!" he said and then he turned to go and look for the others. Theres one thing that I didn't tell you about Nikki. She's adopted and her last name isn't really Smith, it's.....................

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