Time will reveal!! (A Hogwarts Love Story) (read intro!)

Nikki had been kidnapped by Voldemort. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione come to save her and to defeat Voldemort, the Final Battle begins. As Harry and Nikki duel with Voldemort, she receives a hex straight to her chest smashing her Time Turner. She is suddenly sent 22 years back in time to the Marauders' Era. What will she do when she falls for the boy she loves' father, James Potter; and what will she do when James returns his feelings for her as well? Harry would then never be born, right?

Chapter 3


Theres one thing that I didn't tell you about Nikki. She's adopted and her last name isn't really Smith, it's.....................Lupin! As she watched James walk out of sight to go and make sure her father (wow that sounded weird) was okay, she couldn't help but smile a little. The older Sirius had told her so many stories of when he, James and her father were in school and now she had been sent back in time to actually witness them. James came back then, cutting off her train of thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~James' POV~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I walked back into the clearing I saw the girl still standing there and she looked like she was deep in thought. When she saw me though she came back down to earth and smiled. "Everything okay with your friends?" she asked and I nodded. I don't know what it was but, I felt like I could trust this girl, even after what happened tonight, I just had that feeling. "so, where did you come from exactly?" I asked as we started walking up to the school. There was a short pause and I glanced over at her, she looked thoughtful for a second but then answered. "I'm a transfer student from Beouxbatons! I arrived late." she told me and again I just nodded. "how come you don't have a French accent?" I asked. "I'm originally from Wales but, we had to move to France because my dad got a job there." she told me and when I looked over at her I saw her nod once to herself. By this time we had arrived at the headmasters office. I said the password and she went up the stairs after thanking me.

~~~~~~~~normal POV~~~~~~~~~~~

Nikki knocked on the headmasters door and there was a calm "come in". She walked into the office and saw Dumbledore sitting at his desk. He looked no different to the man that she knew in the future. "how may I help you miss..........?" he said standing up. "uh, Smith, Nicolette Smith." She told him and he smiled at her. "well, miss Smith, how may I help you?" he gestured for her to sit down and she did. "I have a problem sir and I was wondering if you could help with the situation." she replied and his silence implied that she could go on. "I got into a bit of trouble with my friends and we ended up in a fight with Voldemort and his death eaters." she paused to take in his reaction but, was surprised to see him smiling. "you must be very brave to speak his name miss Smith." he said and she smiled back at him. "fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself!" she replied and he smiled even wider. "well, anyway. when we were fighting I got hit in the chest with a curse and it smashed my time turner......" she held up the broken time turner around her neck. ".........and when I woke up, I was in the past." she finished and Dumbledore actually looked confused. Not a daily accurance. "I'm afraid you've lost me miss Smith." he said with a small smile. " I'm actually from the year 1998 and when my time turner smashed, I was sent back in time to here." she told him and he looked shocked. "ah, yes, that is a problem. do you have any proof that you are from the future?" asked Dumbledore. "uhhhhmm, no but I could use the heritage spell to show you who my parents are!" he nodded and pulled out his wand. "before you do that, my name isn't really Smith, I was adopted." she told him and he smiled at her. "do you know who your real parents are?" Dumbledore asked and she returned the smile. "yes" was all Nikki said and was waiting to see his reaction to who her Parents were. Dumbledore cast the spell and words appeared in mid air. they read:

Name: Nicolette Smith

Born: 5th January 1981

Mother: Emily Trescott

Father: Remus Lupin

Status: Half-blood

School: Hogwarts

House: Gryffindor

Dumbledore read it and looked at Nikki with a shocked expression. "your Remus' daughter?" he asked with a shocked smile. "yes" replied Nikki and he just nodded. "well, now that I have proof of who you are, I will see what I can do to help but, in the meantime I suggest that you carry on in Gryffindor and live as normal in the school." he said and Nikki nodded. She started to leave but, then remembered something. "oh, sir, I already met James Potter and I told him I was a transfer student from Beouxbatons!" he smiled. "and what did you tell him about the accent?" Nikki smiled. "I told him that I was originally from Wales but, had to move to France because my dad got a job there." Dumbledore nodded approvingly and Nikki left the office. When she reached the bottom of the steps Nikki saw James leaning against the wall waiting for her. " you didn't have to wait for me you know?" she told him and he just smiled at her. "you don't know your way around the school, you could get lost." he replied and then he ran a hand through his hair. "so, what house did you get?" he asked and she smiled at him. "Gryffindor!" he smiled really widely at this and they started walking towards the Gryffindor common room. "best house there is!" exclaimed James with a smug smile. "I take it your in Gryffindor?" she asked even though she knew the answer. "yup. Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!" They both laughed at this and they had reached the fat lady. "courage!" said James and the portrait swung open. When they walked into the common room James went over to the stairs that led to the girls dorms. "LILY!" He shouted and Nikki heard a groan before a very pretty red head descended the stairs. "what do you want Potter?" she asked and he pointed at Nikki. "we have a new Gryffindor seventh year and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to take her up to the dormitories?" James said and that was when Lily realized that she was there. "oh! hi, I'm Lily Evans!" she said smiling and holding out her hand. Nikki took it and smiled back at her. "you never told me your name" said James from next to them. "you never told me yours either." Nikki said with a smile. They shook hands and James smiled. "James Potter!" he said and let go of her hand. "Nicolette Smith, but you can call me Nikki." she replied and then turned back to Lily. Lily took Nikki up to the dorms and brought her into her dorm with two other girls. "Nikki, this is Alice and Molly. Girls this is a new seventh year. Nikki" said Lily and both girls smiled and said "hi". After explaining everything about being a transfer student and about her dads job, they all became quite good friends and said goodnight.

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