How To Annoy....

Hey, so basically I'm going to post my original "how to annoy..." lists up here!! Those of you who have read my How To Annoy lists before will be interasted...only this time I'm not only doing Harry Potter, but animes too....

Chapter 1

How To Annoy Prussia! (Hetalia)

1. Tell him there was a recent vote, and he is no longer the most awesome person in the world. (This will most likely kill him.)
2. Tell him you plan on stealing his vital regions.
3. Tell him he's so not as awesome as he thinks he is.
4. Tell him that is secret "Diaries of Awesomeness" are no longer a secret, and that you've been sharing them with Austria.
5. Tell him that Gilbird is secretly an aristocrat.
6. paint the Austrian flag on any and all of his personal property.
7. Tell him that announcing when you have to go to the bathroom was never cool.
8. make fun of him for thinking Hungary was a dude for so long. (even if you made the same mistake)
9. Tell him he's not a nation anymore and reality hurts.
10. Point out that Indians are still polytheistic, but there is nothing he can do since he is no longer a nation.
11. Everytime he tries to share his opinion interupt him and say that he's not important because he isn't a nation anymore.
12. laugh at him to make him feel self concious.
13. Tell him that no one likes him.
14. make up a song that constantly points out how un-awesome he is.
15. laugh everytime he speaks, saying that you thought you heard that old worthless Prussian guy who couldn't even stay a nation.
16. Tell him short stories about Austria and Hungary's love life.
17. Tell him you know what he did to Hungary, and even though it was an accedent, she's telling all the other nations a different story...(see Hetalia World Series episode 38 and 39)
18. Tell him you made him special boxers with his flag on them, and if he doesn't wear them it'll hurt your feelings.
19. When he wears them force him to pull down his pants and show them off in public.
20. buy a prussia doll off Ebay and play with it while he's around, abuse the doll in any means neccisary.
21. cause the doll to die in horrible ways.
22. buy an Austria doll to beat up the Prussia doll.
23. Show him all the ugly/gross/yaoi fanart of him.
24. make a shirt that says, "I'm with the awesome one" and wear it around him, this will make him happy until he overhears you telling everyone else he made you do it.
25. sing embarrasing songs about him/with him in public
26. call him an aristocrat.
27. dance really stupidly when you're with him, most likely he'll join in, and when he does, say he looks ridiculous and should stop embarrassing you.
28. buy him a cat and name it Austria, occasionally throw it at his face, shouting, "REVENGE!!! REVENGE!! THIS IS FOR THE AUSTRIAN SUCCSESSION!!!"
29. When he rants on about his awesomeness, mimic him behind his back but don't stop when he stops talking so that he notices.
30. ask him if one day his awesomeness will rub off on you, then procede to rub your face all over him until he gets mad rather than flattered.
31. Tell him you're planning a surprise attack on Austria, but really tell Hungary that HE'S planning the attack...
32. Tell him Old Fritz died driving while intoxicated.
33. Tell him in a very serious voice, that at this rate, he's probably going to die very young from drinking too much alcohol.
34. Write a false docters note saying that he can't drink anymore, but force him to come to a bar with you and Germany, when the bar tender asks if he wants anything, hold up your hand and say that he has a special "problem."
35. Laugh whenever he enters the room
36. Death chop him with a dictionary (this works well on everybody)
37. Tell him he's a violent moron and that's why his country doesn't' exist anymore.
38. Declare war with him when he makes a very minor mistake.
39. force him to sign a declaration of war made out of construction paper and glitter-glue.
40. Tell him you're very proud that you managed to be more annoying than he is after doing any one of these things.
41. Tell him you have his Vital Regions. (look at him mischeviously)


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