~Predator Of The Girl~

Ryan Mercy is the type of girl with a fiery passion to prove herself to everyone.
She's beautiful, loved and popular. She's kind, and is never rude.
And Ryan Mercy is being stalked.

Enjoy :)

~Sally Bianca Charlie 'Jace' Jones

Chapter 1

New Guy

by: Jacers__
"Hey Ryan!"

"Morning Ryan!"

"Girl, you looking mighty fine today!"

I rolled my eyes playfully as I reached my school locker.

Slowly, I grab my textbooks, thick, doodle covered binder and bright blue pencil case. I take my time, not wanting my messy locker to have it's contents tumble on me first thing in the morning.

Someone tucked my straight black hair behind my ear and I nearly jumped 3 feet in the air.

"Whoa, calm down Rye. It's just me." Michele said, laughter clear in her soft voice.

"You know not to scare me like that Mickie." I reply, bending down to pick up my stuff which had flown from my still shaking hands.

Mickie nudges me with her tennis shoe, and I glance up her, glaring.

She laughs, then discreetly points toward the Principle and someone else coming our way.

I shrug, and reach over to grab my binder.

But a strong, tan hand grabs it before I can.

I automatically blush a light pink as the stranger looks me in the eyes and hands me it.

Chuckling slightly, the stranger straightens and our over-weight principle puts a beefy hand on his shoulder.

Consciously, I look at the drawing he laughed at.

It was one of a bunch of skinny stick men and one fat one with the saying 'Why are there no fat stick men?'

My blush deepens to a medium red but I straighten up anyway.

"Ryan, this is Ashton Hughes. He's new and I thought that you would be the perfect person to show him around the school. Besides, you are the only one who is in almost all his classes."

I smiled at the principle saying that I would love to show him around and waited until he was gone to introduce myself.

"I'm Ryan Mercy. Nice to meet you." I said, smiling at him. His deep blue eyes seem to be accessing me.

Immediately I become self conscious again, looking down at my blue tank, grey sweater, shorts and grey flats.

"I'm Ashton, obviously." He said, reaching out to shake my hand.

"Thanks for introducing me." Michele pips in and I laugh.

"You scared me, serves you right." I said, faking a mean voice.

I can't hold the facade and burst out laughing just as Michele does.

Ashton just smiles, and waits for me to introduce my friend.

"This is Michele, she's my best friend."

"Nice to meet you." Ashton says, but keeps his hand at his side.

Michele leans over and whispers in my ear, "I think he likes you."

Again, my blush deepens.


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