Stay Away From Me ~Blaise Zabini~ Part 9

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Chapter 1


"My name is Viktor Krum. Could ve speak for a moment?"

"Um... Okay," I said, not really sure what was going on. I looked to my friends, but Ron and Harry just had their eyes glazed over, and Hermione was still writing her essay. "I guess I'll be right back." I mumbled.

I followed Krum over toward the lake, where we began walking around the edge. Unsure what this whole thing was about, I let him start the conversation.

"You... Are dating Zabini?"

My throat closed up. It took me a while, but I finally managed, "Not anymore."

"That is too bad. Who vill you go with to the Yule Ball?" He muttered.

"The.... The what?" I asked.

"The Yule Ball. Professor Karkaroff told us about it before we arrived. It is a dance, fourth years must attend." He said. "Vould you like to have me as a date?" He flashed me a brilliant smile.

I stopped, standing with my mouth gaping. "Wha... What?"

"Be my date for the Yule Ball." He said, turning to face me.

"I'm sorry, I can't... I just got out of a relationship..." I said, knitting my eyebrows.

"Exactly. You're single, and pretty girls shouldn't be single." He smiled again.

"No. I'm flattered, but I'm really not interested in dating anymore." I said. I turned on my heel and walked back to my friends. I took my bag and books and walked back to the castle, in need of a break.

Blaise's POV

Crap. She was coming this way. I had avoided going near her all week, afraid I might break down and run back to her.

She came up the stairs and I was caught off guard. Apparently, so was she.

"Oh." She gasped when her eyes found me. She gave a small smile, then turned toward the stairs.

Before I could help myself, I heard my voice calling her name. She turned, shocked.

"Why were you talking to Krum?" I found myself saying. Confusion clouded her face. Then it changed to rage.

"What do you care?" she asked, glaring at me. "I'm a filthy blood traitor , what do you care about my dating life?"

"Don't say that, Belle-"

"Do not call me Belle. That name is reserved for friends." Her eyes were shooting daggers at me now, and I figured it was time to retreat. But something made me stay.

"Listen, Belle - don't give me that face, that's your name! I'm sorry I hurt you, I didn't-"

"Save the apologies." She spat. "Just... Just stay away from me." She turned and left. I watched her climb the stairs and only averted my eyes when she disappeared down a corridor. I sighed, turning toward the doors only to bump into someone.

I looked down into Hermione's glowing face.

I'm screwed. I thought.

Normal POV

I spread out on my bed, thinking about my day. Too much goddamn stress, I thought, laughing pitifully at my confusion. I closed my eyes, sighing. Then the door slammed open and I jumped up, taking in Hermione's enraged face, getting even more confused.

"What' happened?" I asked, walking over to her.

Her face was flushed as if she had just gone on a run. She sunk to the floor, catching her breath. After a while, she finally said, "You... Blaise... Big mistake."

*** *** *** *** ***

I took my time walking down the stairs to the courtyard, preparing my words over and over again in my head. I went over Hermione's words before entering the courtyard. He still loves you, Belle! So go out there and forgive him!

"Hey," I called when I saw his silhouette on one of the benches. He turned, looking at me in shock.

"Belle..." Blaise said, standing to greet me. I noticed the redness of his eyes, but when I reached out to wipe away a remaining tear, he backed away from me.

"Blaise," I whispered, dropping my arm.

"Go away." He said, glaring at the ground.

I just smiled, expecting he'd get defensive. "You don't have to be like that. Hermione explained everything."

He thought for a moment, finally saying, "I don't care if she did. It's dangerous for you to be around me."

I laughed, making him glance up at me in surprise. "Since when have I ever been afraid of danger?" I walked closer to him, holding out my hand.

He smiled wryly, taking my hand in his. "I'm sorry I was such a jerk." he said.

"I'm sorry I was such an idiot." I whispered. He pulled me into his arms, holding me close.

"I love you, idiot Gryffindor." He said quietly.

"Love you too, jerk Slytherin." I laughed, enjoying the moment.

We staying like that for a while, holding each other. We didn't need words, just the fact that we had each other once again was enough.

Clapping echoed around the quiet courtyard, and we looked around to find the source. Malfoy leaned against a pillar in the far corner, glaring at us.

"How touching. But I'm afraid I'll have to ruin this moment."

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