MOST Powerful ( A Teen Titan Story)

Hey! It's me again! Well, I absolutely LOVE Teen Titans! And wanted to make a story where I created a character who is, hence the title, MOST powerful! She'll be joining the Titans. But! Will her future with the Titans last? Will she go on her own to be a superhero? Well just read and you'll find out! I hope you enjoy reading! Comment & Rate please :) I will cry if you dont!

Chapter 1

Just The Beginning...

Hi there! My name is Nalena. I'm 15 years old, SUPER sweet and fun, just a normal teenager! Well you're wrong to believe that I'm a normal teenager! I'm an EXTRAORDINARY teenager! I'm a superhero, with superpowers that are more dangerous and powerful than anything on this planet! You name it, I can do it an INFINITY times better! Anyways... I guess you need to know more about myself! So, I will tell you! I am the most SWEETEST and FUNEST person you'll ever meet or encounter! I am a girly girl but seriously I don't mind getting dirty at all! Mud baths and facials anyone?! I LOVE animals! And if I don't become a singer,model,actress, tv show talk host, writer or anything that involves me being famous, I'll become a vet! (don't think i'm a shallow person btw!) I live for fashion and music! But I have my own style and I definetly dont take kindly to trends! One last thing! I am REALLY smart! I can think of a solution to a bad situation in minutes, and I'm pretty good at math even though I HATE it! Ok, onto what I look like: I have long, dark brown hair that goes all the way past my butt and flies around when I use my powers and when I'm angry. I have constantly changing eye colors that go from black to hazel, blue to green, and dark brown to purple. My eyes also glow when I use my powers. I'm really thin, tall, the typical "supermodel body" but I do have some killer muscles! I'm black, british,irish,hawaiian, and white. So i'm kinda exotic looking. Now to my powers. As mentioned I have the most powerful powers in the world! Make that universe. I can have any power in the world! I can fly, shapeshift, control any element, i have superhuman strength, i'm invincible, well let's just say i can do anything I put my mind to. Although my parents dont have any powers, i do. I dont know how I got them either! But, that's why I want to be a Teen Titan! comment & rate PLEASE! hope you enjoyed it!

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