Contest Entry: Fire (redone)

Contest Entry: Fire (redone)

This is for 1luvnan360 's (Longshots_Girl) contest. So, here we go!

Chapter 1

The Final Testament of Benji Kodo

Benji stood, arms out, as his servants put his battle armor on. He was preparing for the battle that would decide the fate of the world as they knew it.
He knew their were other places in the world preparing for battles of their own as well. The rebels were attacking every capitol at the same time, in their hopes to end bending forever. The rebels believed bending made people arrogant, and that it was not needed.
He was not a head of his capitol, but was close and important enough to the royal family to know this rebellion must be quelled, and to he and his friends must be ones to do it.
"Your armor is ready, Kodo." said Rozlu, one of his closest servants.
"Rozlu, when are you ever going to stop calling me Kodo. You are my friend, and can call me by my first name." he said, chuckling as though he was just getting ready for dinner with his family.
"Sir, you know I have no author-"
"Rozlu, hush," said Benji, as he turned to his friend, "Even if you were the lowest of street rats, you would still be allowed to call me whatever you wish. You haven been my companion since childhood, and I can never thank you more. If tonight I do not survive, I want you to know this: I love you like a brother, my friend," and he embraced his servant, his friend.
"Well, thank you sir," stuttered Rozlu.
Benji left his quarters not long after, with a solemn look on his usually smiling face. He had to find his wife, Jenjah, and he knew exactly where to look.
He followed the torch lit hall to the center of the palace, to the courtyard, where his beloved wife was sitting by the pond, feeding the baby ducklings.
She stood up when she noticed his arrival, her face wearing a slight grin.
"You look rather ravishing in your battle armor, Benji," she said, as she took his hands in hers.
"Jenjah, dear, this battle may seem to be in the favor of our nation, but I need you to do something for me. Something very important," he said, as he brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear.
"Anything, my love. You know I'd do anything for you and for our child," she said, tightening her grip on his hand.
"If we lose, the rebels will take out every bender left, in every nation. So, dear, I need you to flee with the baby to one of the outer villages, where no one will find you two or know who you are. If we are to win, I will come get you. But if I do not come, stay hidden. Make a new life. Stay safe," he said, taking his wifes face in his hands, and kissing her, for what may have been the last time.
"But, Benji," said Jenjah, pulling away, "I am not a bender, and neither is our child."
Benji looked back at her and nodded, "I know, but if the rebels win, they will take out every possible blood line of benders, and I want my love and child safe," he said, and kissed her beautiful head.
Jenjah looked up, tears in her eyes, "Okay, Benji. I will."
"I have a horse waiting for you and the baby at the servants entrance. Go as far away as you can, and stay off the main roads," said Benji, and he hugged his wife.
Jenjah puled back, "I love you, Benji. No matter what happens," and she went back into the castle to get their child, and was gone.
Benji looked at the setting sun grimly, knowing the rebels would strike when their bending was weaker.
He knew the rebels had attacked the north and south, mostly waterbenders territory, already during the day, and he could only hope that they hadn't been able to pull off a victory.
So he went to the front of the palace, waiting for the rest of his army and his commander, the king.
He stared at the emptied village, the village that had been neutral for so long, their soon to be fighting ground, when a hand came down on his shoulder.
"Benji Kodo, you're here early."
"Well, friend, we can't all be exactly on time, can we?" he asked, turning to face his friend, his leader.
Elizah laughed a haughty laugh, "I suppose not. I'd like to say we have Hazluh and his brothers with us, but he is helping defend North Kyoto tonight. We will have to make do without him. So, now I need replacement commanders. Do you have any idea whom I should pick, Benji?"
Benji shook his head, grinning slightly, "No idea."
"You, my friend. You, Denana, Wystora, and Nagi have been loyal to me for as long as I can remember. And I see no one fitter for the task than the four of you, I have already contacted the others, and they will be here soon." he said, handed him a sword, representing command.
Benji grabbed it at the hilt, "I, and we, would be honored."
He put the sword and its sheath in his belt at his side, and the army assembled below them. Wystora, Denana, and Nagi soon joined them.
"Benji, I hate our reunion to have to be in a time like this. Have you gotten your family to safety?" asked Nagi, her hair swept up to show her oval face.
"Of course. I could not stand knowing they are in danger," he said, staring out into the mountains in the distance.
His friends and commander took their place at his side, and they waited in silence for the approach of their enemy.
The sound of horns blared from the tower, and they saw light coming from the village, followed by a steady drum beat and loud yells.
"The rebels are approaching!" yelled one of the soldiers.
Elizah looked down at the mob as they approached shouted out to them all.
"This is your last chance! If you do not retreat now, we will have no choice but to destroy you all. We do not want to bring back another war, so let's end this before it begins!"
The leader of the rebels stepped to the front of the small army, "No! You and all your fellow benders have become boastful, thinking you're better than us all! We will end firebending, as we will end earthbending, waterbending, all of it!"
A loud chorus of yeahs and raised weapons echoed from behind the leader, and Elizah shook his head, obviously displeased.
"Fine. Have it your way. End this!" and so the battle began.
Both forces ran at each other, firebenders shooting flames that lit up the twilight sky, earth benders pounding rocks, air benders pouncing from up above, water benders shooting ice and drowning all who oppose them.
Benji and his friends watched for only a brief second before joining their fellow people.
Benji could not count how many people he went through, how many he burned, maybe even killed.
He never would be able to.
He was finishing off a rebel, whose spear he just lit on fire, when he felt a stabbing pain in his back.
Benji screamed, and fell to the ash covered ground. He groaned and rolled over, only to see the face of his attacker.
"Rozlu.....," he let out, his voice gurgling.
"You never were my friend, Benji. You thought you were better than me, than everyone else. But now, guess who holds all the cards? That's right, the servant boy. It's time for you and all your benders to die out, like the dinosaurs. Their time ended, and so has that of the benders," said Rozlu, his eyes filled with a hate Benji had never seen before and a bloody knife in his hand.
He looked around him, seeing his fellow soldiers, his friends, falling back. Losing. Dying.
"You are wrong, Rozlu. You will never be able to kill them all," Benji said, then coughed, blood filling his mouth, but he spoke again, "You will try, but the alligators survived the end of the dinosaurs, and so will the benders. They will come again."
And Benji Kodo took his last breath, and died. And the battle was lost.

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