Contest Entry: Fire (redone)

Contest Entry: Fire (redone)

This is for 1luvnan360 's (Longshots_Girl) contest. So, here we go!

Chapter 2

Krista Lynn Gatherling, the Firebending Country Girl

I sat up in bed, her alarm clock blaring. I was sweating, which was not common for early spring. It was that nightmare again, the one that had been haunting me for years.
The sun was just rising, and I stared out the window at the beautiful reds and orange that engulfed the sky like flames in a bonfire.
"Krista, time to get up! We have work to do!" called my father from the hall.
"Yes, Daddy!" I called back, and got up to change.
I put on my flannel work shirt, faded blue jeans, and muddy boots. My hair went in a ponytail, and I grabbed my cowgirl hat from my bed stand before rushing downstairs for Mothers famous bacon and egg breakfast.
"Dear, before you start eating like a little piggy, you have someone on the phone for you," said Mother, holding their portable phone in her hand.
I grabbed it, and put it to the side of my head, "Hello?"
"Krista?" asked a charming voice from the other line, and I melted. It was Aiden, from school, the cutest boy alive and president of our class, but why would he be calling me on a Saturday?
"Oh, hi Aiden. What's, uh, up?" I stuttered.
"Well, I have a question for you," he asked, his tone of voice sounding intent.
"Well, shoot," I replied, wanting him to get on with it.
"Well, we plan on taking our class trip to Rio next week, during spring break, but Vice President Brady's grandmother died. and he has to attend the funeral. So, we need some extra help with the planning committee. I thought you seemed a good person for the job," said Aiden, his voice over the phone sounding as sweet as it did in person.
I was flabbergasted. Out of all the people he could have asked to do this, he though of me. ME!
"Well, uhh, I dunno..," I stuttered, remembering all the work that needed to be done on the farm. Horses to exercise, cows to milk, all that.
"Please? All you have to do is stay another hour after school the next week, and give your opinion on where we should go. I promise, we'll make sure you get back home early as possible," said Aiden, his voice begging me to say yes.
"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. Alright, I will," I said, giving in to his pleading.
"Great! We'll be meeting in the music room right after school. Can't wait to see you!" said Aiden, and he hung up.
I placed the phone back in the charger, and went to the dining room table.
"Who was that, dear?" asked Mother.
"Oh, just our class president. He asked me to help plan out next weekends trip to Rio, and I agreed. Before you say anything, the meetings will take place right after school and I promise I can get home ASAP," I said, not wanting them to say no.
"Alright, at least you're getting involved," said Mother, as she sat the table for me and Dad.
"Thanks! I promise to be as big a help as possible until next week, so big you won't even need my help when I'm gone," I assured them, and started digging into my eggs and bacon.
"You always say that, honey," muttered Mother under her breath, but I was to busy eating to respond.
After I had chugged down my final glass of milk and placed the glass in the sink, Dad got up.
"Well, Krista, today we're gonna do the ditch and field burning. I have to run to town to get some more feed for the cattle, so I trust you can do this. It's not hard, just let the fields burn in from the edges into themselves and make sure the trees don;t catch fire." said Daddy, as he lead me out to the front lawn.
"I can do that Daddy," i assured him, and he kissed my forehead.
"I always can count on you, baby. Now, I gotta go. Here's some matches and there'e a tank of gasoline in the shed if there are any wet spots," said Dad, handing me a matchbox.
"Gotcha, Dad."
Dad smiled, then got in the old pickup and headed out to town.
I watched him leave, then went into the garage to get the four wheeler. I placed the can of gasoline on the back and headed to the ditches on the side of the road, the engine beneath me roaring.
Burning was simple. Farmers burn the ditches and fields to kill any weeds that may try to infect their crops, and it was the first year Dad was letting me do it on my own.
I grudgingly took the gas can and pured it over the front road ditch that belonged to our family.
There were to many cars and people to risk seeing me do it the wrong way.
After the fire had started across the ditch, and the smell of sweet smoke filled my nose, I headed to all our front fields. I'd save the back ones for last.
The growth in the fields was dry enough that I didn't need the gas, so I set fire to it and let it burn into itself as I headed to our back field, where no one from the road, our house, could see me.
I left the four wheeler, matches, and gasoline at the edge of the field.
I didn't need them.
The sun shown down on me, its hot glare filling me with power. I shut my eyes, concentrating, preparing for the biggest thing I have ever done.
I opened my eyes, and shot my fists down to the ground, bringing a flame brighter than ever before on to the ground, starting the fire.
I could have left it at that, gone back to do my chores. But I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass.
I brought my hand up, making them flame bigger, and circled it, then blew it out around me.
I ran around the flames, letting them spread all around me. I didn't fear the fire, though, I embraced it.
I lead the fire like a man does a woman in a waltz, like a dance a red hot flames.
I went left, right. Threw my arms up, spun around. I let myself go crazy.
Soon I had tired myself out, and separated the flames so I could get back to the four wheeler.
As I headed back to the house, my forehead was covered with sweat. Blissful sweat that only fire could bring.
As I lay in bed that night, thinking about my beautiful dance with fire, the first time I got the use what I believed to be powers freely, I smiled.
Life was good, and could only get better.

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