8 mile(im not eminem just to tell you)

this is eminem my fravorite thing to do is rap.

Chapter 1

My rap

by: king_boy
Walking to my front car i noticed it smoking.I was pissed I shouted "why does this crap always happen to me".As I woke in the morning rockes getting thrown at my wind I saw my RAP FRIENDS.I opened my window looking as if I was having a illusion he told me "YOU HAVE A JOB".I was confused at the moment but as I was think it hit me rapping this is what he was telling me.When I had the time to talk to him I explained "why me none of your friends wanna do it".he replied "its a payed offer if you gonna be a if you not willing to rap back out" I told him ill do it but there was a catch 2x the money.I looked at all the rappiers they look not that bad cursing each other out,makin fun of each others mom it was halarious.When time caught up to me i was freaked out I didnt know what to do when I got that microphone i was speachless the crowd bood and throw cups at me I put my hood on and left.


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