DAYS & NIGHTS (the diary of shane jameson)

DAYS & NIGHTS (the diary of shane jameson)

Its about step brothers who fall in love but the one boys mother hates her stepson and tells them no so they sneak. Around for two years and then parker ray kills himself at least you think that happens. and shane writes every thing down the very next day. It takes you through his broken heart. And everything else
(hope you enjoy it kam)

Chapter 1


Its day one with out you.

I can not believe you took your own live i have shed so many tears.

In the last two-hours over you.

But i have decided that i was not going to cry any more.

I blame her if she wouldnt have made us split you would be hear today with me.

Thanks for leaving me to watch my world crumble down around me.

I know the pain inside of me will go away but our love will never die.

I toss and turn all night becuase i am so used to you being right beside me.

So i sprayed your AXE on my pillow so i could go to sleep.

The AXe went away after ten minutes and i start tossing and turnging because your not there.

I get out of bed and go down stairs and lay on the couch.

At least i am close to some thing.

But after two hours i woke up in a panic the blood has taken over my dreams.

So i go back up stairs and fall a sleep on our bed.

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