Two Is Better Then One (Joe Jonas Love Story) Part 1

Going to start fresh with a new story! Thanks for reading :) Happy Late Easter!

Chapter 1

Part 1

1 step 2 step and down ladies "you shout above the humming air conditioner." Okay great job today, hit the showers. "You sigh" and grab your towel and head for the staff room. You had no idea why you ever decided to run a yoga class for 8 dollars an hour. Working in Hollister wasn't going to cut it though, especially if you were still planning on that trip to LA with your best friend "Lydia." You run into Steve "the manager of the place" and he gives you a smile, hey there Kimberly "says Steve" how were the girls today? You smile, well Kayla still thinks its alright to criticize my techniques but I am learning just to block her out. "He laughs" well I really appreciate you doing this, it just seems like no one else would, I remember you telling me something about LA? "You nod" ohh yes! I mean if I can get out of this for a few days... "He smiles" you deserve this trip/ Especially with the death of your mom. You cringe at the subject and begin to feel very uncomfortable. Well uh thanks Steve, I better go. You keep your gaze down at your feet. "He calls after you" take the next 4 days off Kim! Have fun! You decide not to look back. You head to your beat up Sedan. "You check your phone" you have six missed calls from Lydia. You call back, expecting to hear a screeching voice. "She picks up" KIMBERLY, MY GOD! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER CALL! "You sigh", you were right. Lydia, you know I have yoga class from 5 to 7. "She dramatically sighs" well I just got us 2 beautiful tickets to LA! So two sexy ladies will be flying into LAX airport tomorrow afternoon! Ohh Lydia thats great! Thanks for taking care of that.. I love you! "She laughs", I know, I am pretty dang amazing. Now go pack or something and please don't bring those god awful sweaters you always seem to be wearing nowadays! "You feel offended" ha. thanks alot. I am gonna go now before I decide not to go. HEY! Lydia yells, bye bye girly frannn. You hang up and shake your head.. what would your life be like without someone as crazy as her?! To Be Continued....


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